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The American Worldview Inventory 2021-22 Report compiles the findings from our groundbreaking American Worldview Inventory–all in one place, with updated insight and analysis from Dr. George Barna and the CRC team.


Adoption and Its Competitors in American Society: Results of a National Survey Regarding Adoption in the United States in 2022

Latest Release — New Research Finds Millions of Women Unaware of Adoption Process and Benefits (Release #01: 06-09-2022) 

Full Report: Adoption and Its Competitors in American Society: Results of a National Survey Regarding Adoption in the United States in 2022 


American Worldview Inventory 2022 — A National Worldview Survey of Parents and Pastors
 AWVI 2022: Only Half of Evangelical Pastors Possess a Biblical Worldview; Incidence Even Lower for Most Denominations (Release #06: 05-24-2022)

AWVI 2022: Shocking Results Concerning the Worldview of Christian Pastors (Release #05: 05-12-2022)

AWVI 2022: Improving Parents’ Ability to Raise Spiritual Champions (Release #04: 04-26-2022)

AWVI 2022: A Detailed Look at How the Worldview of Parents of Preteens Misses the Mark (Release #03: 04-12-2022)

AWVI 2022: The Strengths and Weaknesses of What Preteen Parents Believe and Do (Release #02: 03-29-2022)

AWVI 2022: The Worldview Dilemma of American Parents (Release #01: 03-08-2022)

CRC Brief: American Worldview Inventory Methodology

Millennial Reports—Highlighting Key Findings from Millennials in America: New Insights into the Generation of Growing Influence

Millennial Report 03: “Indifference to God, Jesus and the Bible Drives Millennials’ Faith,” George Barna (12-07-2021)

Millennial Report 02: “Emotional and Mental Health Issues Hinder Millennial Relationships,” George Barna (11-23-2021)

Millennial Report 01: “Millennials Establish Their Need for Purpose and Lifestyle Changes,” George Barna (11-09-2021)

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Millennials In America

New Insights into the Generation of Growing Influence

Commissioned by Foundations of Freedom

American Worldview Inventory 2021 Releases

AWVI 2021: Postmodernism and Secular Humanism Increasingly Influence American Adults (10-19-2021)

AWVI 2021: What Americans Find Attractive about Marxism (09-30-2021)

AWVI 2021: What Does It Mean When People Say They Are “Christian”? (08-31-2021)

AWVI 2021: Top 10 Most Seductive Unbiblical Ideas Embraced by Americans (06-22-2021)

AWVI 2021: The National Religious Realignment: Identifying Dramatic Changes in Long-Term Faith Commitments (06-08-2021)

AWVI 2021: The Seismic Generational Shift in Worldview: Millennials Seek a Nation Without God, Bible and Churches (Report #3: 05-12-2021)

AWVI 2021: Introducing America’s Most Popular Worldview—Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (Report #2: 04-27-2021)

AWVI 2021: America’s Dominant Worldview (Report #1: 04-13-2021)

CRC 2020 Election Research

CRC 2020 Post-Election Survey Report #4: “President Biden’s Supporters Less Likely to Hold Biblical Worldview” (02-16-2021)

CRC 2020 Post-Election Survey Report #3: “America’s Thirst for Socialism Has Plummeted” (02-03-2021)

CRC 2020 Post-Election Survey Report #2: “Finding Common Ground in 2021” (01-19-2021)

CRC 2020 Post-Election Survey Report #1: “Active Conservative Christians Were Huge for Trump; SAGE Con Turnout and Trump Vote Set Records” (11-24-2020)

Election Survey: “President Trump Will Get Overwhelming Support from Conservative Christians in 2020 – But for Different Reasons than in 2016” (10/29/2020)

American Worldview Inventory 2020 Releases

AWVI 2020: Restoring America by Reframing Its Worldview (Report #12: 11-10-2020)

AWVI 2020: Churches and Worldview (Report #11: 10-06-2020)

AWVI 2020: Millennials and Worldview (Report #10: 09-22-2020)

AWVI 2020: Worldview and Political Beliefs (Report #9: 08-19-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of Sin and Salvation (Report #8: 08-04-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of the Value of Human Life (Report #7: 06-23-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of Morality & Moral Choices (Report #6: 06-02-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of Truth (Report #5: 05-19-2020)

AWVI 2020: Seeking Purpose & Success (Report #4: 05-06-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of God (Report #3: 04-21-2020)

AWVI 2020: Faith and Worldview (Report #2: 04-07-2020)

AWVI 2020: Worldview in America (Report #1: 03-24-2020)


CRC Release: COVID-19 Crisis Shifts Perceptions of the Most Important National Issues (04/30/2020)
CRC Brief: American Worldview Inventory Methodology
CRC Brief: What is a Worldview? What is the Biblical Worldview?


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