About ACU


We are

ACU is an accredited, private, non-profit, Christian university in Glendale, Arizona offering a wide variety of degrees preparing students for successful careers, while remaining committed to its vision of transforming culture with biblical truth. Students actively engage in biblically-integrated academics and gain a liberal arts foundation with critical thinking skills that last a lifetime. Spiritual development is also integrated within the University experience, where all four-year campus students receive a minor in Biblical Studies, attend chapel twice a week, and complete spiritual formation and service hours each semester.



Arizona Christian University provides a biblically-integrated, liberal arts education equipping graduates to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects of life, as leaders of influence and excellence.


Arizona Christian University exists to educate and equip followers of Christ to transform culture with the truth.

University Wide Learning Goals

  • Faith – Be grounded in a biblical worldview and grow in their understanding of how to apply that worldview to every area of life.
  • Influence – Develop critical thinking, communication, and creative problem-solving skills that position them to be leaders of influence in their communities and chosen professions, both locally and globally.
  • Relationship – Deepen their personal relationships with God and be prepared for healthy relationships within the family, the church, and society as a result.
  • Excellence – Cultivate excellence in their personal development, academic/professional pursuits, and co-curricular activities, living with integrity in a way that honors the Lord Jesus Christ in all things.

Undergraduate Learning Goals

Furthermore, Arizona Christian University has articulated undergraduate learning goals that correspond to the University’s core values. Students graduating with associates or bachelors’ degrees will be able to:

  • F1. Explain basic elements of the Christian faith.
  • F2. Apply a biblical worldview to their lives.
  • F3. Express a personal, God-given calling for their lives.
  • I1. Communicate effectively in various contexts.
  • I2. Develop a strategy to transform culture with truth.
  • I3. Describe and critique local culture.
  • R1. Form and maintain significant personal relationships.
  • E1. Articulate a holistic and integrated view of human culture.
  • E2. Demonstrate information literacy and critical thinking skills.
  • E3. Extend the truths of one’s own disciplines via original research or practice.



ACU offers a Christ-focused community centered in the beautiful and vibrant city of Glendale, Arizona, a suburb of metropolitan Phoenix. With an average annual high of 80 degrees during the school year, you’ll always find students outside on our beautiful, tree-lined and grassy 68-acre campus — playing frisbee, participating in athletics, doing homework or expressing their musical talent. Our students – who come from 36 states and 23 foreign countries – love the weather here in Arizona!