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Raising Spiritual Champions

America’s Values Study: A National Study of Core Values in the United States 2022
America’s Values Study 2022: The Interplay Between Beliefs and Values (Report #06: 02-14-2023)
America’s Values Study 2022: A Different Take on the Midterm Election (Report #05: 11-17-2022)
America’s Values Study 2022: Current View of ‘Traditional Moral Values’ Excludes ‘Biblical Morality’ (Report #04: 11-1-2022)
America’s Values Study 2022: Issues of Influence: The Economy is Hot; Religious Freedom and Environment Are Not (Report #03: 10-20-2022)
America’s Values Study 2022: A National Moment of Truth: Whose Vision and Values Will Prevail? (Report #02: 09-27-2022)
America’s Values Study 2022: America’s Values Identify Possible Means to National Unity (Report #01: 09-14-2022)


Survey of Parents and Pastors

AWVI 2022: Non-Denominational Pastors Far More Likely to Hold Biblical Worldviews than All Other Denomination’s Pastors (Release #07: 08-30-2022)

AWVI 2022: Only Half of Evangelical Pastors Possess a Biblical Worldview; Incidence Even Lower for Most Denominations (Release #06: 05-24-2022)

AWVI 2022: Shocking Results Concerning the Worldview of Christian Pastors (Release #05: 05-12-2022)

AWVI 2022: Improving Parents’ Ability to Raise Spiritual Champions (Release #04: 04-26-2022)

AWVI 2022: A Detailed Look at How the Worldview of Parents of Preteens Misses the Mark (Release #03: 04-12-2022)

AWVI 2022: The Strengths and Weaknesses of What Preteen Parents Believe and Do (Release #02: 03-29-2022)

AWVI 2022: The Worldview Dilemma of American Parents (Release #01: 03-08-2022)


CRC Brief: American Worldview Inventory Methodology

CRC Brief: What is a Worldview? What is the Biblical Worldview?

Adoption and Its Competitors in American Society: Results of a National Survey Regarding Adoption in the United States in 2022

Post-Dobbs, Survey Explains Adoption Perspectives of Prospective Mothers (Release #02: 07-12-2022) 

New Research Finds Millions of Women Unaware of Adoption Process and Benefits (Release #01: 06-09-2022) 

Full Report: Adoption and Its Competitors in American Society: Results of a National Survey Regarding Adoption in the United States in 2022 


Millennial Reports—Highlighting Key Findings from Millennials in America: New Insights into the Generation of Growing Influence

Millennial Report 03: “Indifference to God, Jesus and the Bible Drives Millennials’ Faith,” George Barna (12-07-2021)

Millennial Report 02: “Emotional and Mental Health Issues Hinder Millennial Relationships,” George Barna (11-23-2021)

Millennial Report 01: “Millennials Establish Their Need for Purpose and Lifestyle Changes,” George Barna (11-09-2021)

American Worldview Inventory 2021 Releases

AWVI 2021: Postmodernism and Secular Humanism Increasingly Influence American Adults (10-19-2021)

AWVI 2021: What Americans Find Attractive about Marxism (09-30-2021)

AWVI 2021: What Does It Mean When People Say They Are “Christian”? (08-31-2021)

AWVI 2021: Top 10 Most Seductive Unbiblical Ideas Embraced by Americans (06-22-2021)

AWVI 2021: The National Religious Realignment: Identifying Dramatic Changes in Long-Term Faith Commitments (06-08-2021)

AWVI 2021: The Seismic Generational Shift in Worldview: Millennials Seek a Nation Without God, Bible and Churches (Report #3: 05-12-2021)

AWVI 2021: Introducing America’s Most Popular Worldview—Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (Report #2: 04-27-2021)

AWVI 2021: America’s Dominant Worldview (Report #1: 04-13-2021)


CRC 2020 Election Research

CRC 2020 Post-Election Survey Report #4: “President Biden’s Supporters Less Likely to Hold Biblical Worldview” (02-16-2021)

CRC 2020 Post-Election Survey Report #3: “America’s Thirst for Socialism Has Plummeted” (02-03-2021)

CRC 2020 Post-Election Survey Report #2: “Finding Common Ground in 2021” (01-19-2021)

CRC 2020 Post-Election Survey Report #1: “Active Conservative Christians Were Huge for Trump; SAGE Con Turnout and Trump Vote Set Records” (11-24-2020)

Election Survey: “President Trump Will Get Overwhelming Support from Conservative Christians in 2020 – But for Different Reasons than in 2016” (10/29/2020)

American Worldview Inventory 2020 Releases

AWVI 2020: Restoring America by Reframing Its Worldview (Report #12: 11-10-2020)

AWVI 2020: Churches and Worldview (Report #11: 10-06-2020)

AWVI 2020: Millennials and Worldview (Report #10: 09-22-2020)

AWVI 2020: Worldview and Political Beliefs (Report #9: 08-19-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of Sin and Salvation (Report #8: 08-04-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of the Value of Human Life (Report #7: 06-23-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of Morality & Moral Choices (Report #6: 06-02-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of Truth (Report #5: 05-19-2020)

AWVI 2020: Seeking Purpose & Success (Report #4: 05-06-2020)

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of God (Report #3: 04-21-2020)

AWVI 2020: Faith and Worldview (Report #2: 04-07-2020)

AWVI 2020: Worldview in America (Report #1: 03-24-2020)


CRC Release: COVID-19 Crisis Shifts Perceptions of the Most Important National Issues (04/30/2020)
CRC Brief: American Worldview Inventory Methodology
CRC Brief: What is a Worldview? What is the Biblical Worldview?


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