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Cultural Transformation Is Possible

Our Mission: The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University exists to advance the Kingdom of God by conducting cultural and biblical worldview studies that will provide research and resources to inform and mobilize strategic engagement in cultural transformation.

America seems to be in a freefall – morally, politically, culturally – our founding values and the biblical worldview seemingly fading forever. But at the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, we believe there’s hope – that cultural transformation is possible.

CRC was formed in partnership with Dr. George Barna, the widely published, influential researcher of American culture and worldview, to produce credible research and analysis to show the transformational impact of the biblical worldview on American culture.

We believe the next generation,
transformed and equipped,
can influence every area of culture.

Our mission starts with educating ACU students with the biblical worldview, so they understand and live according to God’s truth. We believe the next generation, transformed and equipped, can influence every area of culture: business and education, government and politics, information and news media, science and technology, arts and entertainment, churches and families.

But CRC’s mission extends outside ACU, across the nation to support educators, church leaders, ministry partners and others who share this vision.

At the Cultural Research Center, we believe it can be done by those who share the call to transform culture, guided by informed research and targeted data, and supported by practical, strategic resources. That’s what CRC brings to the table – research and resources for cultural transformation.

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