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Countering Prevailing Worldviews

The Cultural Research Center is a part of Arizona Christian University, whose mission is to transform culture with biblical truth. This is only possible when future Christian leaders are equipped to influence the world with a clear, strong and compelling biblical worldview.

One objective of the Cultural Research Center is to track the state of American culture and the prevailing worldviews of Americans. CRC will conduct ongoing national surveys and distribute the results to media, faculty, donors and ministry partners. The information will assist in identifying and addressing cultural challenges while establishing Arizona Christian University as a leader in cultural transformation.

CRC will also measure and inform the University’s CORE liberal arts curriculum. The CORE is unique among American universities and is designed to equip students with a biblical worldview, enabling them to succeed in their vocations and transform the culture in their arena of influence.

Changed lives change the world. CRC will measure the impact of ACU’s graduates and provide empirical evidence that demonstrates their impact on cultural transformation. And CRC will share cutting-edge research and strategic resources with others engaged in cultural transformation.

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