First-Time College Students

Students with no college credits or less than 30 credits when they enroll at ACU, take 18 credits or 6 courses in Bible. Five courses are required and the sixth may be selected from upper level Bible electives. All upper division electives are listed in the catalog. (hyperlink catalog)

Each Bible course must be taken concurrently with the matching Humanities course as indicated below:
HUM 201 – BIB 221
HUM 202 – BIB 222
HUM 301 – BIB 321
HUM 302 – BIB 322

Transfer and Adult Students

Students beginning with at least 30 credits are only required to take 9 Bible credits or 3 courses, which include BIB 100 taken concurrently with LIA 105 and two additional BIB courses taken concurrently with the matching HUM courses.

What if I have questions?

If you have reviewed the descriptions above and still have questions regarding what courses are required for you to earn your degree, your Enrollment Management Specialist is available help you plan out your schedule.