B.S. in Secondary


Academic Major

Core requirements accumulate to 30 credits, 15 credits of Biblical and Theological Studies and 8 credits of science courses.

* Indicates a prerequisite. Must be completed prior to enrolling in this course.
^ Indicates a course that must be taken conjointly with another.

CourseCourse NameCreditsPrerequisites
HIS 212US and Arizona Government3
EDU 300Tests and Measurements3EDU 317 (Pr or Co)
EDU 314Introduction to the Exceptional Child3
EDU 315Educational Psychology3
EDU 317Curriculum and Instruction3
EDU 415Classroom Management (Taken semester prior to student teaching)3IVP Card (Pr), EDU 317 (Pr or Co)
SEI 490Structured English Immersion Methods3IVP Card (Pr), EDU 317 (Pr or Co)
SED 410Directed Student Teaching9IVP Card (Pr), Senior, Advisor Approval, Application
SED 490Secondary Education Capstone3
Choose OneEDU 312 Human Development ~OR~ PSY 314 Adolescent Psychology3