Core Road Map

Freshman Year

The first year of the CORE provides your introduction to academic, community, and spiritual life at Arizona Christian University. During your freshman year, you take a number of foundational classes, including LIA 101: C3: Community, Covenant, Commitment (first semester) and LIA 102: Biblical Worldview and Culture (second semester). These CORE courses provide intensive training in the biblical worldview and introduce you to who we are at ACU, what we believe, and how we live. These first-year LIA courses are linked to your English (ENG 101 and ENG 102) and Public Speaking (COM 100) courses – so that what you learn in your LIA classes, you also write and speak about in your English and COM classes. These courses are linked as well to your first Bible course, BIB 101: Biblical Interpretation. Finally, during your freshman year, you complete MAT 105: Liberal Arts Math. Your first year in the CORE lays a strong foundation for thinking critically and biblically as you begin to learn how to transform culture with truth.

Sophomore Year

Your second year of the CORE introduces you to the first two Humanities courses, HUM 201: Humanities I (BC to Birth of Christ) and HUM 202: Humanities II (0 to 1500). Each of these courses is linked to Bible courses, BIB 221 The Relational God and BIB 222 Image Bearers.

Junior Year

Your third year of the CORE focuses on the modern age in HUM 301: Humanities III (1500-1900), and HUM 302: Humanities IV (1900 to the present). As you study these time periods of deep intellectual, political and spiritual challenges to biblical authority, you also take the following Bible courses, BIB 321: Dwelling in God’s Presence and BIB 322: The King and His Kingdom. These courses take students more deeply into many of the ideas and controversies that frame our world today, and provide the tools to understand Christian theology and make the case for God.

Senior Year

Your senior year of the CORE provides the culminating coursework that ties the CORE curriculum, your academic major, and your experiences at ACU together. You will finish your Bible sequence with an upper-division elective of your choice. Your Humanities sequence is now completed and you will gather with other students from your academic major in a capstone experience, looking back at what you learned during your time at ACU, and looking forward to how God is calling you to use it.