ACU Christian Schools Coalition Scholarship Program

The ACU Christian Schools Coalition Scholarship Program* (CSCSP) is designed to encourage, train, support and educate Christian School students, parents and families who share in the common focus, value and importance of a Christian education in our culture. The CSCSP will also provide a scholarship benefit for students choosing to continue their Christian education at ACU.

Partnership Schools:

    • Arizona Lutheran Academy
    • Community Christian College
    • Dream City Christian School
    • Faith Christian School
    • Gilbert Christian High School
    • Maranatha Christian School – California
    • Northwest Christian School
    • Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory
    • Valley Christian High School
    • Valley Lutheran High School
    • Wickenburg Christian Academy
To receive more information about the CSCSP and find out if you are eligible, please contact us at [email protected]

*Not applicable to honors scholar students or student-athletes