Every four-year student at ACU, takes 18 credits of biblical studies as a central, supporting component of our vision to transform culture with truth. The Bible provides a fundamental source of truth in developing a robust Christian worldview.

While most students take the 18 required credits and receive a minor in Biblical Studies, you can also pursue Biblical Studies as a major.

Transfer (campus and online) students who begin their studies at ACU with at least 48 credits take 9 Bible credits (BIB 100, BIB 321 and BIB 322). 

Bible Courses

Course ID Course Name Credits
BIB 100 Introduction to the Bible 3
BIB 221 The Relational God – A Study of the Divine Covenants 3
BIB 222 Image Bearers – Humanity’s Story 3
BIB 321 Dwelling in God’s Presence 3
BIB 322 The King and His Kingdom 3
BIB ___ Upper Division Bible Elective (300-400) 3

First-Time College Students

Students with no college credits or less than 48 credits when they enroll at ACU, take 18 credits or 6 courses in Bible. Five courses are required and the sixth may be selected from upper level Bible electives. All upper division electives are listed in the catalog.


Transfer and Online Students

Students transferring 48 or more credits toward their degree are waived from the following Bible courses: BIB 221, BIB 222 and the Upper Division Bible Elective. Waivers for these courses are granted upon an official transcript evaluation by ACU’s Registrar. The waived courses, totaling 9 credits, can be fulfilled by transfer or elective credit taken at ACU.

What if I have questions?

If you have reviewed the descriptions above and still have questions regarding what courses are required for you to earn your degree, your Enrollment Management Specialist is available help you plan out your schedule.