Financial Aid Forms

Please contact your EMS or the Office of Financial Aid for any questions concerning these forms.


2024- 2025 Award Year Financial Aid Forms

24-25 FAFSA Citizen/Eligible Non-Citizen Affidavit

The Department of Education has requested additional documentation regarding your citizenship status. Please gather your original citizenship documentation and complete this form. 


24-25 Verification Documents 

If your 24-25 FAFSA is selected for verification you will need to complete the corresponding Verification type Document.

24-25 Petition for Professional Judgment 

To request a professional judgment student must complete the Professional Judgment petition form.
Information on that form will determine what supporting documentation may be required.

24-25 Federal Loan Accept-Decline 

Students have the option on Populi to Accept or Decline Direct Sub/Unsub loans but would like to change the amount of the loans would complete this form.

24-25 PLUS Parent Loan Acceptance (PLAF) 

Parents that have completed an PLUS Loan Application need to complete this form to accept the loan amounts, and designate to whom any credit balance refund amount should go to (Student or Parent).

24-25 Graduate PLUS Loan Acceptance (GPLAF)

Students in graduate studies program who have applied for Grad PLUS loan can designate the semesters and amounts on this form.

24-25 Private Loan Request 

If a student has been approved for a Private Loan this form confirms the semesters and amounts the student would like to receive the Private loan in.

24-25 Leave of Absence Application

Online students may use this form to request a term off prior to the start of the term. 

24-25 Federal Aid SAP Appeal

The purpose of the SAP Appeal form is to allow a student to explain the circumstances that interfered with his or her ability to meet SAP standards during the most recent semester.

24-25 Institutional Scholarship Appeal

The purpose of the Institution Scholarship appeal form is to allow a student to explain the circumstances that interfered with the student’s ability to meet the scholarship standards.

24-25 ACU Church Matching Scholarship

The student submits this form to their church if the church has a scholarship program. The church completes the form and submits to ACU with the scholarship check.

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