Elementary Education

Academic Program

The field of education is the only profession that trains those who will serve in all other professions. The Elementary Education major at Arizona Christian University is designed with this idea in mind. God’s Word and His Truths are foundational in all course work and the InTASC (Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium) Model Core Teaching Standards are addressed throughout the program of study. ACU Elementary Education graduates leave the institution ready to teach in their area of specialty and are in great demand locally and abroad. Optional Emphasis in:

  • Early Childhood
  • Coaching

In addition to a diploma at graduation, Arizona Christian University education students who are in the certificate program are prepared to receive :

  • Arizona State Certification
  • ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Certification.

They are prepared, qualified, and can be certified to begin their teaching careers right after graduation.

Institutional Recommendation (IR):  All students who satisfactorily complete the Elementary or Secondary Education certificate program at Arizona Christian University, will receive an Institutional Recommendation (IR) from the university.  A program “audit” will be conducted upon completion of the last program requirement to ensure 3.0 GPA in required program coursework (including transfer coursework), tuition/fees paid in full, and materials checked out from library have been returned.  The IR will be issued upon completion of the “audit” and within 45 days of program completion.

Elementary Education Program Objectives

As a result of successfully completing the ACU Education Program, the student will:

  1. Recognize how history, trends, diversity, and philosophies of education have evolved and formulate a personal, Christian philosophy of education.
  2. Create developmentally appropriate, engaging lessons to teach content area to diverse students based on the Arizona State Standards and InTASC standards.
  3. Assess learning resulting from instruction and develop a plan for ongoing monitoring and growth.
  4. Based on learned essential elements of instruction, the students will evaluate an outside classroom to determine overall instructional effectiveness.
  5. Demonstrate professional development including self-assessment and the ability to collaborate effectively with professional colleagues, parents, and community leaders.

What Can I Do With A Degree In Education?

Graduates with a degree in Elementary Education who complete all other requirements for an Arizona Teaching Certificate can expect to find employment in the State in any of a number of educational environments — traditional public, charter, or private schools. School systems regularly inquire about the availability of ACU graduates for immediate employment upon graduation from the program.

Education graduates also receive a teaching certificate from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) which is recognized in Christian schools throughout the world. This certification opens up additional opportunities to teach in Christian schools in the United States and abroad.

Department Chair

sitting 1Linnea Lyding, Ed. D.

[email protected]

Dr. Linnea J. Lyding is an associate professor and department chair of the Education Department at Arizona Christian University (ACU).  Since coming to ACU in 2012, Dr. Lyding has been a champion for excellence in the department.  Based on her knowledge of the complexity of classroom teaching, she redesigned the student teaching experience to maximize ACU student learning.  She has focused her passion for Excellence in Teaching and Learning both in the education classes she teaches and in workshops that she has presented to ACU faculty and adjuncts.  Dr. Lyding is also instrumental in designing the new Early Childhood Emphasis.