Bachelor of Arts in English


ACU’s English major prepares students to become heroic in whatever environment God designs for them. By studying great texts and honing the craft of communication, students will be prepared for a variety of career opportunities to influence others. And they will develop a confidence of adaptability to our changing world while holding strong to the eternal truths of a Biblical foundation. Students will learn the greatest lessons of life from history’s greatest minds and documents and be able to apply them in a variety of personal and professional contexts. At the end of their English major studies, students will not only be knowledgeable, reliable, and highly skilled, they will truly be ready to transform culture with truth.


Why English at ACU

Reading and writing are the foundation of civilization, and ACU offers a unique methodology for becoming experts at these vital skills. Other universities across the country have fallen into relativistic ideologies which undermine the values that have allowed the human race to flourish and civilizations to advance. These perspectives lead us further from God’s guidance by creating division among people and placing hope in ephemeral human constructions.  We stand apart from other English programs.

With our Biblical worldview, we read, think, and write to the best of our capabilities and for God’s glory. Language has been given to humans to help us understand ourselves, the surrounding world, and our Creator.  And the ACU English program helps students engage with and produce language in ways that illuminate our relationships with God and each other.


What will I study?

  • The greatest books and authors of human history
  • How to become heroic and responsible in the face of a difficult world and an uncertain future
  • Advanced skills in communication, analysis, and creativity that are applicable to a wide variety of occupations
  • The key philosophies and ideas that have shaped Western civilization and how they align with our Christian faith
  • Rhetorical and literary theories that will aid in understanding and developing competent writing and reading techniques
  • How the lessons of literature are not abstract, but vitally useful for proper action in the real world
  • How to produce media materials that can help shape the culture


Career Paths

English majors often pursue careers in

  • Journalism
  • Magazine or Book Publishing
  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Political Research and Speechwriting
  • Public Relations

School of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities

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Glendale, AZ 85306

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Academic Major Courses

Students are required to earn 39 units in the English major.

Course Name
Core Courses (21 hours)
201Introduction to Literature
321English Literature I
322English Literature II
343American Literature I
344American Literature II
410Literary Criticism
490English Capstone
Cultural Themes: (3 hours)
220World Literature
230Multicultural Literature
250Women’s Literature
Literary Genres: (3 hours)
301Short Story
Writing Studies: (3 hours)
316Advanced Grammar
317Creative Writing
380Professional Writing
390Digital Writing
Major Authors: (3 hours)
421Major Authors, one author
422Major Authors, three authors
431C.S. Lewis