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Bachelor of Science in Music – Concentration in Music Composition and Theory


The Bachelor of Science in Music with concentration in Theory and Composition offers a comprehensive foundation in music theory and analysis. You will have the opportunity to compose in a variety of styles and forms, including film music. Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to use modern technology to notate, orchestrate, arrange, and record musical ideas.

Why Theory and Composition at ACU?

With highly qualified Christian Faculty teaching biblically-integrated curriculum, ACU’s Music program offers several unique advantages:

  • Private composition lessons available
  • Students are encouraged to write, record, and perform original songs
  • Opportunity to collaborate through film scoring for student films created by ACU Communication Film students
  • ACU music programs emphasize a strong foundation in music theory, sight-singing, private voice and instrumental instruction
  • Students have access to recording and production facilities
  • Highly skilled and experienced faculty
  • 8:1 Student to Music Faculty Ratio
  • ACU Music students are a close-knit community of creative and supportive musicians
  • ACU provides practical experience playing and performing in small and large ensembles each semester
  • Practical course content combined with trending industry practices
  • Preparing graduates for real jobs in continually changing culture

    What will I study?

    The Theory and Composition program includes an innovative CORE General Studies program with integrated Biblical Studies minor. This unique program embraces a Biblical worldview of the Liberal Arts and prepares students to be influential thinkers. Career-related focus areas and courses will include:

    • Music Theory (co-requisites: Sight Singing/Dictation, Class Piano)
    • Arranging
    • Orchestration
    • Film Scoring
    • Form and Analysis
    • Counterpoint
    • Modern technologies to notate, orchestrate, develop, and record your musical ideas
    • Private Lessons
    • Performance Ensembles: Chorale, Praise Bands, Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Pep Band, Musical Theatre, Drumline


      Career Paths

      With a degree in Theory and Composition, graduates can pursue diverse careers including:

      • Composer
      • Music Arranger
      • Songwriter
      • Film Score Writer
      • Copyist
      • Music Producer
      • Film Score Orchestrator
      • Orchestra or Choral Director
      • Music Director
      • Creative Arts Director
      • Band Member
      • Music Instructor in Charter/Private School
      • Private Lesson Instructor


        Theory and Composition


        Career Paths


        Department of Music

        Arizona Christian University
        Building 2500
        1 W. Firestorm Way
        Glendale, AZ 85306

        (602) 489-5300

        [email protected]

        Academic Major Courses

        Core requirements: 30 credits
        General Biblical and Theological Studies: 15 credits
        Upper Division Bible and Theological Studies electives: 3 credits
        Science w/lab: 8 credits
        Music Core w/Applied Lessons: 45 credits
        Music Concentration – Theory and Composition: 19 credits
        Free Electives: 6 credits

        Total: 126 credits
        CourseCourse NameCredits
        MUP 101Class Piano I1
        MUS 193Music Theory I3
        MUS 194Sight Singing/Dictation I1
        MUP 201Class Piano II1
        MTE 220Computer Based Music Production3
        MUS 293Music Theory II3
        MUS 294Sight Singing/Dictation II1
        MUP 301Class Piano III1
        MUS 342Music History & Literature II3
        MUP 360Junior Recital1
        MUS 393Music Theory III3
        MUS 394Sight Singing/Dictation III1
        MUP 401Class Piano IV1
        MUS 493Music Theory IV3
        MUS 494Sight Singing/Dictation IV1
        MUS 490Music Capstone3
        ML_ 111Applied Lessons: _________________8
        MEC 100Chorale4
        Choose OneMED 315 Instrumental Conducting *
        MED 316 Choral Conducting *
        MTC 331 Choral Arranging & Conducting ◊
        MTE 221Music Production with Logic Pro2
        MTC 330Counterpoint3
        MTC 430Form and Analysis3
        MTC 431Instrumentation and Orchestration3
        MTC 435Film Scoring3
        ME_ 100/ MUP 371Music Ensemble: MEA, MEC, MEF, MEJ, MEL, MEP, MER, MES, MEV, or MUP 3713
        ___ ___Advisor Approved Music Elective2