Institutional Charges Refund Policy

Refund of Tuition

Tuition refunds for students who officially reduce their course load or withdraw from ACU will be issued according to the add/drop or withdrawal procedures specified in this catalog. The amount of the tuition refund for a withdrawal from ACU is based on the student’s effective withdrawal date. Any tuition refund for reduction in course load is determined by the add/drop dates on the Academic Calendar.

Customer payments to student accounts which result in a credit balance will be refunded ten (10) business days after a request has been received in writing. Refund requests will not be processed until a credit balance appears on the student’s monthly statement.

Students who withdraw on or before the add/drop dates may receive a 100% refund of tuition. No tuition refunds will be granted after the add/drop date. Deadlines for withdrawals or course add/drop dates are published yearly in the Academic Calendar on the ACU website.


Refund of Fees

All fees, except fees associated with courses, are non-refundable. Music fees for applied lessons are refunded based upon the number of lessons scheduled. Fees associated with courses (lab fees, etc.) may be refunded if the class is dropped before the add/drop deadline.


Refund of Housing and Food (Room and Board)

Resident Housing and Food rates are based upon an entire academic year, commencing on the official move-in and ending on the official move-out dates. The student is required to fulfill his or her financial obligations as agreed to in the room and board agreement, even if the student physically moves off campus. The amount of the resident housing and food refund, if any, is based upon the date listed on the resident’s official checkout form, up to and including the add/drop date, and is calculated on a daily use, pro rata basis.

Commuter meal plans are fully refundable during the drop/add period.


Refund of Institutional Aid

In most cases, institutional aid (institutional scholarships, grants) is reduced when a student withdraws on or before the last Friday of the second week of the semester. Institutional aid is reduced by the same percentage of tuition refund. For example, if a student has a $1,000 scholarship for the semester and withdraws within the first two weeks of the semester, the institutional award would be eliminated along with tuition charges. If a student withdraws after the second week of the semester, the student is accountable for 100% of the tuition charges. The full institutional aid will be credited to the tuition charges. Whenever a student’s total aid package exceeds the cost of education, the Financial Aid Office will adjust or reduce Institutional Aid.


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