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Apply for Residential Program Aid

Make Earning an ACU Degree Achievable 

We know college is an expensive investment and the process of applying and determining how you’ll pay for it can be overwhelming. We also know that an ACU degree is a valuable asset, one that will never lose its value and will prepare you for a successful career and life.

To help guide you and simplify the process of applying for financial aid to make your goal of attending ACU a reality, we have created the steps below.

How to Apply for Aid


Apply for Admission

Before we can determine if you are eligible for aid, you must first be approved for admission. To apply, please visit ACU’s Admissions website.


Complete your FAFSA for the Applicable Award Year

Students interested in receiving federal aid or institutional scholarships are required to complete their FAFSA for the applicable award year with Arizona Christian University’s school code: 007113. 24-25 FAFSA requires information from your 2022 income tax year.


Complete and submit all required Documents:

  • Master Promissory Note (MPN)
    The Master Promissory note is a legal document where a student promises to repay their loan and any applicable interest to the US Department of Education.
  • Loan Entrance Counseling
    Entrance loan counseling reviews loan terms and conditions, along with the borrower’s rights and responsibilities.
  • Parent Plus Master Promissory Note (if applicable)
    The Parent Plus Master Promissory Note is a legal document where the parent promises to repay their loan and any applicable interest to the US Department of Education.



Federal Student Aid randomly selects FAFSA applications each year for a review process called Verification, where schools are required to ensure that the reported information is correct. To complete this process, schools are authorized to request certain documents such federal taxes, W-2’s, etc. If selected for Verification, a member of ACU’s Enrollment Management Services Team (EMS), will contact each student to assist them through this process. 

Please note: For the Office of Financial Aid to disburse funds, the Verification process must be completed.

Important Dates

*For the 2024-2025 academic year only, the new year’s FAFSA availability will be delayed until December 2023.

Notification of Aid Package

All financial aid packages will be provided for student review in the student portal. Upon receiving a financial aid offer, students will be notified through their ACU email. If you have questions regarding your package or want to make any changes, please contact your assigned Enrollment Management Specialist.

Please Note: For the Office of Financial Aid to disburse funds, the student must “Accept” their funds on the student portal. However, if the student does not wish to receive certain funds, they may “decline” those funds within their aid package.


When to Complete

2023-2024 FAFSA Opens October 1, 2022
2024-2025 FAFSA Opens December 2023*
Master Promissory Note Available for completion at any time
Loan Entrance Counseling Available for completion at any time
Parent Plus Loan Credit decision valid for 6 months. Complete 4 months prior to start of term.

Questions About Admissions?
Contact the Office of Admissions at (602) 489-5300