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Minor in Sport Psychology


The Sport Psychology program is designed to equip graduates for continuing studies in various fields, and as practitioners and researchers dedicated to seeking, articulating, and disseminating biblical truth. The Psychology program has adopted the 5 major learning objectives recommended by the American Psychological Association. The 6th objective supports the mission of Arizona Christian University to train students with a biblical worldview. In addition to the general psychology program, students may choose an emphasis in sport psychology. This is the only program within the Behavioral and Social Sciences department that requires a separate application.

Why Sport Psychology at ACU?

In addition to a faculty to student ratio of 17:1 and a rigorous and biblically-integrated curriculum, ACU’s Sport Psychology program offers several unique advantages:

  • ACU psychology students conduct original research, mentored by experienced researchers in the field.
  • Students graduate from the program prepared as research consumers and practitioners with a distinctively biblical worldview.
  • Students have opportunities to publish their original research.
  • ACU’s psychology program uniquely equips students for graduate work with extensive training in evaluating research literature.

What will I study?

The Sport Psychology program provides a biblical liberal arts foundation with an innovative approach to general studies that reclaims a Christian conception of the Liberal Arts, preparing students to be influential thinkers. Career-related focus areas will include:

  • Sport Psychology
  • Industrial Organization Psychology
  • Kinesiology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Introduction to Neuroscience
  • Social Psychology


Department of Behavioral Health and Social Sciences

Arizona Christian University
Building 2000
1 W. Firestorm Way
Glendale, AZ 85306

(602) 489-5300

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Standalone Minor Courses

In order for a student to complete the minor, they must complete 21 credit hours.

CourseCourse NameCredits
PSY 202General Psychology3
PSY 210Statistics for Behavioral Studies3
PSY 212Research Methods3
PSY 220Theories of Personality3
PSY 300Tests & Measurements3
PSY 312Human Development3
PSY 318Social Psychology3
PSY 322Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 390Introduction to Neuroscience with Lab4
PSY 495Advanced Research Methods3
PSY 490Psychology Capstone3
BIO 476Kinesiology3
PSY 310Introduction to Sport Psychology3
PSY 380Psychology of Learning and Motivation3
PSY 450Sensation and Perception3