Minor in Sociology


A sociology minor is beneficial for any student who wants to learn more about how society works, how groups interact, and for those who want to expand their options for making a cultural difference. Students will increase their ability to think critically and expand their knowledge of social problems and social theory from a biblical worldview. With only 2 required Courses and 16 Sociology Elective options, this 18 credit minor will address a wide range of interests. It is an excellent fit for students majoring in Behavioral Health, Business, Communication, Education, Political Economy, Political Science, or Psychology.

Why Sociology at ACU?

Familiarity with sociological thought is a good fit for an ACU graduate. Sociology students acquire skills for understanding and evaluating culture in preparation for influencing culture and ACU’s core commitments are integrated into the program, setting our graduates apart in a discipline with few conservatives.

What will I study?

There are two required courses in the program, Introduction to Sociology and Sociological Theories. The minor is completed with the student’s choice of 4 additional courses. Some options include:

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Gender Studies
  • Socialism: Theory and Reality
  • Youth Culture
  • Criminology
  • Holocaust
  • World Religions





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Standalone Minor Courses

In order for a student to complete the minor, they must complete 18 credit hours.

CourseCourse NameCredits
Sociology Minor Required Courses (6 credits)
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 301Sociological Theories3
Sociology Minor Electives (Choose 4; 12 Credits)
BIB 410World Religions3
CMI 102Intercultural Studies3
COM 350Media and Society3
CRJ 280Criminology3
CRJ 403Crime and Public Policy3
FAM 316Family Structure and Function3
FAM 332Public Policy and the Family3
FAM 421Transformational Marriage3
FAM 440Gender Studies3
HIS 430Holocaust3
MKT 392Consumer Behavior3
PSY 318Social Psychology3
POL 315Socialism: Theory and Reality 3
PSY 475Research Methods3
SOC 340Cultural Anthropology 3
SOC 330Group Dynamics 3
YOM 415Youth Culture3