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The window to submit a graduation application has passed. If you are wanting to graduate this May and have not filled out an application, please visit the Registrar Office in the admissions building.

Graduation Application Information


The Graduation Application must be on file with the Registrar’s Office on or before the deadline date in order for our office to confer your degree and allow you to participate in the commencement ceremonies. The Registrar’s Office must have your Graduation Application on file in order to award your degree.


  1. Evidence Christian character through stability and cooperation in accomplishing the objectives of the University.
  2. Complete the minimum required courses for a given program. At least 30 of the total credits shall have been taken at Arizona Christian University for the awarding of any degree. Bachelor’s degree students are expected to be in residence for the last semester preceding graduation. At least 36 credits of course requirements must be upper level (300-400).
  3. Earn an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in all certificate and degree programs and a GPA of 2.0 in the major courses in all bachelor degree programs (except for the Certified Education Program which requires an overall GPA of 2.5 and a GPA of 3.0 in their major).
  4. Complete Christian service with satisfactory performance.
  5. Fulfill all requirements in the chosen field of study.
  6. File an application for graduation through the registrar’s office on or before the required deadline as published in the ACU catalog and academic calendar (see the Commencement Ceremonies section of this catalog for complete details). The non-refundable graduation fee must be paid through Populi.
  7. Pay in full all outstanding accounts or make satisfactory arrangements with the business office.
  8. Receive approval for graduation from the faculty and Board of Trustees.

Students are required to complete all requirements satisfactorily prior to participation in commencement exercises.


Graduation honors are based on standing from the semester prior to the student’s anticipated degree conferral date.
Graduation honors are awarded to students who have met the following requirements in overall GPA:

3.40    Cum Laude
3.60    Magna Cum Laude
3.80    Summa Cum Laude

Commencement Ceremony and Walk Policy

There is one commencement ceremony per academic year where the University publically confers degrees. The ceremony is held in the month of May. Participation in the annual commencement ceremony is open to students who have applied to graduate in the current academic year and have met graduation requirements in the preceding summer session or fall semester or will meet degree requirements at the conclusion of the spring semester. The University encourages all students to participate in the graduation ceremony.

While there is only one commencement ceremony per year, the University will confer degrees twice a year. Students who plan to complete all coursework in December must submit a graduation application for their file to be reviewed.

Students who apply for graduation are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony provided they have successfully fulfilled all of the requirements for graduation as outlined in the ACU catalog and file an application for graduation through the registrar’s office. The application for graduation is made available in the fall semester for students completing degree requirements in the fall semester or spring semester.

A non-refundable graduation fee must be paid through the student’s Populi account. A late fee is applicable after the deadline. Students who apply for graduation and are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony will be notified in writing that they have been tentatively cleared for commencement and granted permission to walk in the May ceremony. The registrar’s office will send information regarding caps and gowns via email. The dates, times and locations of commencement and any related ceremonies will be posted on the Arizona Christian University website’s graduation page. See

Students who have been tentatively cleared for participation in the commencement ceremony are not guaranteed final clearance until passing final grades are posted for remaining required course work.

Students who want to participate in the annual commencement ceremony must have all coursework completed by the end of the May semester. Students are not allowed to walk deficient. If a student submits a graduation application and the graduation audit shows that they will not be done, then the student will be notified that their graduation application was denied. The student then must re-apply during the academic semester in which they will complete their program.

Permission to participate in commencement ceremonies in accordance with this policy does not constitute the granting of the degree or a guarantee thereof. While all names will be read aloud as students walk across the stage, no degree will be granted until all requirements are completed, financial accounts are cleared, and any holds on the student’s accounts are removed. Once the registrar’s office receives notification that all requirements are completed, the degree will be awarded, and the diploma will be ordered.

If you need to transfer in any additional classes, please fill out the Transfer Request Form.


If you apply after the posted deadline, then you will need to fill out an Academic Petition for approval to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. The graduation fee covers audit of file, ceremony, reception, diploma and other expenses. The graduation fee is not reduced for absentia graduates. The Graduation Fee amount is listed on Arizona Christian University’s Tuition & Fees Chart, that can be found on our website at the link below.

Click here for the Graduation Fee amount.


Please click here to access the site.



*Please do NOT bring balloons in to the event venue. Please leave all balloons either at home or in the car prior to entering the ceremony. Thank you.

All graduates are to report to the Events Center for check in and class pictures.

Fall Completion Application DeadlineFriday, November 6, 2020
Spring Completion Application DeadlineMonday, March 1, 2021
Commencement CeremonyFriday, May 7, 2021
ACU Athletic Field
9:00 a.m.

Office of the Registrar

Arizona Christian University
1 W. Firestorm Way
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(602) 386-4111

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