Bachelor of Science in Non-Profit Management


The Non-Profit Management degree at Arizona Christian University is designed to help the student advance in their career and become a non-profit professional with principles deeply rooted in ethics and integrity. The program equips students to approach business with a Christian worldview, while developing awareness and practical skills to succeed in a wide range of non-profit careers in both the public and private sector. The program offers students the opportunity to pursue their God-given gifts and talents as they pertain to the scripture “who is my neighbor” and apply them to the non-profit arena accordingly, whether that is fulfilling a role in a non-profit organization or learning how to launch your own.

The non-profit sector in the United States represents more than 1.9 million organizations. The Arizona non-profit sector also is experiencing robust growth with more than 29,000 registered non-profits and more than 1,500 new non-profits formed yearly ( Upon completion of the degree, you will understand the unique aspect of the social, political, economic, and philanthropic factors related to the non-profit sector. In addition, you will possess the knowledge, skills, and competencies specific to the field of non-profit leadership and management. The foundation competencies include aspects such as communication skills, personal attributes, historical and philosophical foundations, and youth/adult development theories. The professional development competencies include board/committee development, fundraising principles and practices, human resource development and supervision, non-profit accounting and financial management, non-profit marketing, and risk management.

Why Non-Profit Management at ACU?

In addition to a faculty to student ratio of 17:1 and a rigorous and biblically-integrated curriculum, ACU’s Non-Profit Management program offers several unique advantages:

  • Grow as a Nonprofit Leader. In this program, you will develop the mindset and skills needed to become a formidable nonprofit leader. You will study key management functions, including strategic planning, organizational structure, leading with ethics and financial fundraising and grant writing. The student will also develop soft skills for nonprofit leadership, volunteer coordination, board development, human resources and other skills equipping the student for career advancement.
  • Pursuing Nonprofit Management as Ministry. As a Christian, you understand that nonprofit management is about more than raising revenue. ACU equips its students to pursue the nonprofit arena for kingdom impact by showing you what it means to serve Christ in the community and the importance of servant-leadership. ACU’s nonprofit management program integrates biblical principles into every facet of the coursework and provides a supportive environment, preparing students to be leaders of influence with solid conservative and Christian values.
  • Learn from Experienced Professors. As a nonprofit management student, you will be taught and trained by expert faculty from varied nonprofit management backgrounds with many well-known local, national and international organizations. Through their professional experience and teaching excellence, our faculty provides students with the tools they need to be effective leaders in the nonprofit sector.

What will I study?

The Non-Profit Management program provides a biblical liberal arts foundation with an innovative approach to general studies that reclaims a Christian conception of the Liberal Arts, preparing students to be influential thinkers. Career-related focus areas will include:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Sports Management

Career Paths

This versatile degree blends traditional business skills in finance, accounting, management, and leadership while also introducing innovative coursework in grant writing, social entrepreneurship, and resource development. The curriculum incorporates traditional business topics that relate to nonprofit organizations as well as unique studies specific to the sector. Courses cover nonprofit governance, mission-based organization management, nonprofit financial management, and data analytics for the nonprofit sector. Specialized coursework includes:

  • Grant writing and Fundraising
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Independent Study
  • Potential Internship Option
  • Capstone

Non-Profit Management


Career Paths


School of Business Administration

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Academic Major Courses

Core requirements accumulate to 30 credits, 15 credits of Biblical and Theological Studies and 8 credits of science courses. 3 credits of Upper Division Biblical and Theological Studies electives are required.

CourseCourse NameCreditsPrerequisites/Co-Requisites
Business Administration Core Courses (39 credits)
BUS 101Introduction to Business3
ECO 203Principles of Economics3
MAT 210Introduction to Statistics3MAT 105 (Pr)
CSC 220Computer Information Systems3
ACC 221Financial Accounting3BUS 101 (Pr)
ACC 222Managerial Accounting3ACC 221 (Pr)
MGT 232Personal Money Management3
BUS 301Business Law3BUS 101, ENG 102 (Pr)
FIN 330Principles of Finance3ACC 221 (Pr)
MGT 340 Principles of Management3BUS 101 (Pr)
BUS 341Business Ethics3BUS 101 (Pr)
MKT 350Principles of Marketing3BUS 101 (Pr)
BUS 490Business Capstone3BUS 101 (Pr)
Non-Profit Focus Courses (18 credits)
IDS 302Interpersonal Conflict Resolution3
FIN 334Small Business Finance3FIN 330 (Pr)
MGT 342Organizational Behavior3MGT 340 (Pr)
BUS 345Communication Strategy in Business3BUS 101 (Pr)
MGT 440 Human Resource Management3MGT 340 (Pr)
MGT 442Management of Non-Profit Organizations3MGT 340 (Pr)