Associate of Arts in General Studies


Do you want to start your degree, but aren’t sure what to study? Do you want the opportunity to interact with a lot of different course material? Our Associates of Arts in General Studies program is perfectly suited for students just like you!

Our AA in General Studies program allows you to take a variety of coursework that would typically fall in the General Education and elective space of our degree programs. It allows you to get a good introduction to college coursework, without marrying you to a specific degree program. You’ll have the opportunity to take classes from our Bible minor and our CORE curriculum as well as take electives of your choice.

Why AA in General Studies at ACU?

The AA in General Studies is the perfect introduction to higher education. With course work from a variety of areas, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with a variety of ideas from a Biblical worldview.

And the good news is that every course you take in the AA in General Studies program can be transferred into another program here at ACU! None of the work you do in this program will go to waste.

What will I study?

With ACU’s AA in General Studies, you’ll have the opportunity to study:

  • 9 credits from ACU’s Bible minor. All ACU graduates complete a Bible minor. In this AA program, you’ll have the opportunity to complete 3 of the classes included in the Bible minor
  • You’ll also complete ⅔ of ACU’s CORE curriculum.The ACU CORE curriculum reclaims the liberal arts for the Christian tradition. Through a sequence of courses, you’ll reflect on the great ideas, events, art, music, and literature of history from within the biblical worldview.
  • This program includes a lot of elective space so you can take courses from a variety of different areas. This will help you get a feel for what you like and what you may want to study as a bachelor’s degree.


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Associates Degree Courses:

CourseCourse NameCredits
Associates of Arts General Education CORE (24 credits)
COM 100Public Speaking3
ENG 101English Composition I3
ENG 102English Composition II3
HUM 201Humanities I (to Birth of Christ)3
HUM 202Humanities II (0 to 1500)3
LIA 101C3: Community, Covenant, Commitments3
LIA 102Biblical Worldview and Culture3
MAT 105Liberal Arts Math3
Associate of Arts General Biblical and Theological Studies (9 credits)
BIB 100Introduction to the Bible and Biblical Interpretation3
BIB 221The Relational God3
BIB 222Image Bearers3
Associates of Arts Foreign Language (8 credits)
___ ___Foreign Language Elective4
___ ___Foreign Language Elective4
General Electives (21 credits)
___ ___Elective3
___ ___Elective3
___ ___Elective3
___ ___Elective3
___ ___Elective3
___ ___Elective3