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Typeface is essential

In addition to the university logos and color system, typography plays an equally important role in establishing and maintaining the consistency in the ACU visual identity. When ACU rebranded in the early 2010s, our main font, Kulturista was introduced. The slab serif typeface been a key piece of the University’s branding for almost a decade. It’s strong and bold which is meant to represent the dedication to our core values and vision.

In 2019, we rolled out a new font known as Proxima Nova. This sans serif font pairs perfectly with Kulturista and both can be used on their own in all types of design (print, digital, web, etc…). Other ACU brand fonts include Open Sans and Arial which can be found in printed collateral as well as email marketing. Below is a guide on how to use each type family and how to obtain each type family. To download ACU fonts from our Google drive database, select all the files then right click and click on “Download”. The IT department is available to help install fonts.


Kulturista was released in 2009 and has a machine-like aesthetic to it. Kulturista can be used in sub headers and text boxes. We recommend using it on apparel and merchandise as well.

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova was designed by Mark Simpson in 2005. Although the font has been around for awhile, it recently became very popular among companies with digital mindsets. Please use Proxima Nova for any headline on all documents. The styling can vary, but we prefer that this font is used in large and bold spaces. We also recommend using it on merchandise as well as digital advertising. The one place where we ask to not use it is with lots of text in paragraph form.

Open Sans

We recommend using Open Sans for paragraph text as well as smaller headings. Please do not use Open Sans for any merchandise or digital advertising as this font has a complementary purpose.

Alternatives to brand fonts

Because we have limited access to certain fonts, we picked out Google and Microsoft compatible fonts that are free to download. These fonts may be used in substitution for our ACU branded fonts on internal documents and printed collateral. However, please collaborate with the Marketing department if the project will be directed toward external use; this requires accurate ACU branding.


This san serif font can be used in place of Proxima Nova. It is a Google font which means users have immediate access to this type family when using Google supported programs (such as Google docs, slides, etc…)

Download Monsterrat

Roboto Condensed

This sans serif condensed font can be used in place of Proxima Nova Condensed.

Download Roboto Condensed

Roboto Slab

This slab serif font can be used in place of Kulturista.

Download Roboto Slab

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