Minor in English


A minor in English develops mastery of reading, writing, and thinking – skills that translate to diverse fields of employment.  A strong background in English equips individuals for jobs that involve creating content, investigating new information, empathizing with others, solving problems, and communicating ideas.

Why English at ACU?

ACU teaches from a Biblical Worldview.  It is with this worldview that we read, think, and write to the best of our capabilities and for God’s glory.  Language has been given to humans to help us understand ourselves, the surrounding world, and our Creator.  The ACU English program will study and produce language in ways that will illuminate our relationships with God and with each other.

    What will I study?

    As students progress through the English minor, they will learn to:

    • Analyze a variety of written texts and understand a variety of rhetorical strategies.
    • Communicate ideas clearly in written and spoken form, as well as in other modes of production.
    • Engage with competing ideas and exhibit careful discernment in forming arguments.
    • Collaborate with others effectively to employ unique strategies and accomplish creative goals.
    • Apply truthful, ethical, and value-based procedures when engaging in practical tasks.
    • Demonstrate their faith in academic, social, and professional situations.


        Department of English

        Arizona Christian University
        1 W. Firestorm Way
        Glendale, AZ 85306

        (602) 489-5300

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        Standalone Minor Courses

        English Stand-Alone Minor (18 credits)

        CourseCourse NameCredits
        ENG 201Introduction to Literature3
        Choose OneENG 321 English Literature I or ENG 322 English Literature II3
        Choose OneENG 343 American Literature I or ENG 344 American Literature II3
        ENG ___Upper division elective (300 or above)3
        ENG ___Upper division elective (300 or above)3
        ENG ___Upper division elective (300 or above)3


        At Arizona Christian, we structure our programs to effectively prepare students to transform culture in their workplace. Our checksheets are annual guides that support students along the path toward graduation.

        Standalone Minor