Bachelors in English


Arizona Christian University’s Bachelor of Arts in English degree offers students the opportunity to explore the history of the written word and practice its present applications. By employing a Christian worldview, students will also be prepared to share their faith as they enter the professional world. The program is composed of 39 credit hours, which cover diverse areas of English study. In the core requirements, students will gain a basic understanding of the history of Western literature and a variety of reading techniques. The rest of the major comprises studies of major authors, cultural themes, literary genres, and advanced writing skills. This well-rounded approach allows students to investigate their personal interests, while also preparing them for a variety of future reading and writing endeavors.

Why English at ACU?

In the ACU English program, we recognize that many universities across the country have fallen into relativistic ideologies which undermine the values that have allowed the human race to flourish and civilizations to advance. In studies of both literature and composition, professors and students have embraced a view of the world with which we at ACU disagree.

Here is what many other university English departments believe:

  1. Our differences define us
  2. No one has a claim on morality or truth
  3. Institutions/social structures are the cure for human ills

At ACU, we believe these perspectives lead us further away from God’s guidance by creating division among people and placing hope in ephemeral, human constructions. We stand apart from other English programs by firmly standing on the following truths:

  1. We are ALL made in the image of God
  2. We are ALL sinners in a fallen world
  3. We ALL need the same truth and salvation

It is with this worldview that we read, think, and write to the best of our capabilities and for God’s glory. Language has been given to humans to help us understand ourselves, the surrounding world, and our Creator. And the ACU English program will study and produce language in ways that will illuminate our relationships with God and with each other. 

What will I study?

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Academic Major Courses

Core requirements accumulate to 30 credits, 15 credits of Biblical and Theological Studies and 8 credits of foreign language courses. 3 credits of Upper Division Biblical and Theological Studies electives are required.

CourseCourse NameCredits
ENG 201Introduction to Literature3
Choose OneENG 321 English Literature I or ENG 322 English Literature II3
Choose OneENG 343 American Literature I or ENG 344 American Literature II3
ENG ___Upper division elective (300 or above)3
ENG ___Upper division elective (300 or above)3
ENG ___Upper division elective (300 or above)3