Minor in Communication


ACU’s Communication Major program prepares students for life by training them to be persons of influence, teaching skills for a variety of communication situations and career fields: writing and speaking, media producing and content creation, family and relationships, and more. The Minor in Communication allows students to pick 18 units of coursework in Communication areas of most interest to them.

Why Communication at ACU?

In addition to a faculty to student ratio of 17:1 and a rigorous and biblically-integrated curriculum, ACU’s Communication program offers several unique advantages:

  • The skills taught in the Communication program have great transferability and applicability to a wide variety of job fields.
  • ACU offers the opportunity to explore and understand today’s mediated world and how the Christian faith can inform one’s response to it.
  • Students have access to learn and use multimedia equipment as early as their freshman year.
  • Through the program’s partnership with different university departments, students get real-world opportunities, such as creating marketing content or producing livestream chapel programs.

What will I study?

The Communication program provides with an innovative approach to general studies that reclaims a Christian conception of the Liberal Arts, preparing students to be influential thinkers. Career-related focus areas include:

  • Video Editing/Content Creation
  • Visual Storytelling/Filmmaking
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Communication
  • Graduate School Prep
  • News Writing
  • Reporting/Blogging
  • Media Law





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Standalone Minor Courses

In order for a student to complete the minor, they must complete 18 credit hours.

CourseCourse NameCredits
COM 203Introduction to Communication3
COM 204Introduction to Film3
COM 205Media Industries3
COM 210Introduction to Journalism*3
COM 215Multi-Media Production3
COM 220Interpersonal Communication3
COM 230Persuasion3
COM 235Media History3
COM 240Redemptive Narratives3
COM 242Film History3
COM 250Faith and Media3

COM 300Communication Theory*3
COM 324Film Genres3
COM 335Media Bias3
COM 342Film Criticism*3
COM 344Faith and Film3
COM 350Media and Society3
COM 364Film Directors3
COM 370Communication, Culture, and the Christian Faith3
COM 375Media Law3
COM 380Advertising and Communication3
COM 384Box Office Dynamics3
COM 420Film Theory3
COM 425Broadcast Management3
COM 442Screenwriting*3
COM 470Communication Ethics*3
ENG 317Creative Writing3
ENG 390Digital Writing3