Punch Alert System

Arizona Christian University recognizes the need to provide time-sensitive information and notifications to our community during unforeseen incidents, emergencies, planned events, etc. Our students, staff, and guests will be able to dispatch Campus Safety, Police, or the Fire Department to their location when needed with the touch of a button from their cellular phone. Our Emergency Response Plan will now be available on your smartphone through the Punch Alert App.  Alerts, Advisories, and Notifications will be sent out via text messages (SMS), phone call, email, and push notification.

For a short overview on how it works please Watch This Video.


Arizona Christian University utilizes three levels of communications when providing information time-sensitive information to our community:

  • Firestorm ALERT
    • An ALERT is when there is a situation that poses an immediate threat to the safety of our community.
    • Examples of an ALERT include but are not limited to an active shooter, bomb threat, fire, imminent weather situation effecting campus, incident requiring evacuation, etc.
  • Firestorm ADVISORY
    • An ADVISORY is when there is not an immediate threat to the safety of our community, but we need to be prepared to take action if upgraded to an ALERT level.
    • Examples of an ADVISORY include but are not limited to a Weather watch, police situation near the campus, etc.
  • Firestorm NOTIFICATION
    • A NOTIFICATION is when the Admissions Office, Business Office, Campus Safety, Information and Technology, Residence Life, or Student Services needs to provide student(s) with time sensitive information.
    • Examples of a NOTIFICATION include but are not limited to special events, parking lot closures, campus construction projects, class cancellations, student business account information, technology updates, etc.

Punch Alert Overview

Punch Alert is a mobile panic alarm and security platform. The app is for your protection and allows you to:

  • Press Panic button to instantly alert emergency responders of a potentially life-threatening situation.
  • Provide your real-time location in the event of an emergency.
  • Upload and share pictures, videos, recordings, and other information regarding the situation.
  • Receive mass updates and instructions from emergency responders.

Your location will only be tracked when you are on the Arizona Christian University campus during an emergency situation, and only if you check-in. Here are the monitored region(s):

geofence map

How will I receive information?
  • Text message (SMS)
  • University assigned email (firstname.[email protected])
  • Cell phone
  • Campus Computers
  • Mobile PA
  • Social media
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
How Do I Register for Punch Alert?
Staff, faculty, adjuncts, and volunteers are automatically enrolled into the system when they obtain their University ID card.  Staff, faculty, adjuncts, and volunteers may also use this link to opt-in to the program if they are a new employee:

Students are automatically enrolled into the system when they obtain their University ID card.

  • If students are living ON-campus they will need to use this link to opt-in.
  • If students are living OFF-campus they will need to use this link to opt-in.

Staff, staff, faculty, adjuncts, and volunteers who are no longer affiliated with ACU, and no longer want to receive alerts, advisories, or notifications please email Chief Hoebee, Department of Campus Safety, at [email protected].

All staff, faculty, adjuncts, students, and volunteers are required to participate in the program.

Updating Your Contact Information
The cell phone number you provide to the University will be kept confidential.

Updating your personal information is simple:

  • Send an email to Chief Hoebee, [email protected]
  • Include your First Name, Last Name, and updated cell phone number
  • Your University email will be used for Alerts, Advisories, and Notifications
Installing Punch Alert the User Agrees to:
  • Installing Punch Alert, a mobile application, on my personal iPhone or Android device with the purpose of improving my safety and being a participant in the Arizona Christian University implementation of Punch Alert.
  • Allow the internal use of my personal information while on the Arizona Christian University campus and only as part of the Punch Alert emergency response program.
  • Open Punch Alert upon receiving a notification of a reported emergency allowing the tracking of my location within the monitored campus area from the time that I, or another Punch Alert user, has initiated an emergency until the emergency has been resolved.
  • Continue use of Punch Alert during the emergency allowing me to see updated emergency information or share any information I might have on the situation.
  • Understand if I am off-campus I will continue to receive Arizona Christian University emergency alerts but my location will not be tracked.
  • Understand that when I am off-campus, reporting an emergency on Punch Alert will pre-dial 911 on my phone.
  • Be aware that Punch Alert uses the GPS on my phone which may cause the battery to drain faster during an emergency; therefore, Punch Alert will check my device’s battery life and will turn off location tracking if the device has less than a 30 percent charge allowing me continued use of my device.
  • Understand that this is an optional program, with the intent of improving the safety of all person on location.

The Punch Alert App will not work unless you download the App to your iPhone or Android device.

How do I download the App to my Apple or Android phones, IPads, Tablets or Desktop?
What number will be displayed on my phone when I receive a message from ACU?
  • Text Message: 961-67 will display on your screen.
  • Phone Call: (779) 803-0003 will display on your cell phone screen.

Add these numbers to your “Contact” list in your phone as “ACU Campus Safety Alert” so that you can quickly recognize these numbers as the official source of ACU’s Campus Safety Alert/Advisory/Notification messages.

Office of Campus Safety

Arizona Christian University
1 W. Firestorm Way
Glendale, AZ 85306

(602) 489-5301
Anonymous Tips:
602-489-5300 x810


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