Playing in the band is FUN!
We travel, We honor God and We create. 

Studies show that band members do better in school and in business and personal decision making after graduation.

Being part of our band has many advantages and scholarships are available.

  • Playing a musical instrument is the only subject that consistently teaches to all seven learning intelligences.
  • Praising the Lord with music is a very special way to express worship.
  • A musician’s brain works differently than that of a non-musician. Music is one of only two subjects that simultaneously connects both sides of the brain: creative and logical.
  • Studies show that students who play a musical instrument do better in math and reading; musical training on an instrument develops the brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Students achieve higher grades in school.
  • IMPROVES LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT. Studies show that musical training develops the part of the brain involved in processing language. Band students tend to have a larger vocabulary and better reading ability. Similar to how physical exercise tones our muscles, music is a resource that tones the brain for auditory fitness.
  • INCREASES MEMORY Music students perform better on concentration-based tasks and basic memory recall. It has been proven that students with formal music training tend to do better at remembering verbal and written information.
  • ENHANCES COORDINATION Learning an instrument increases hand-eye coordination. The brain subconsciously converts a note into specific motor patterns while adding breathing, rhythm, duration, articulation, volume and more all in a millisecond. Eyes, hands, lungs, ears and brain are all used at the same time to create music.
  • MUSICIANS ARE CONSTANT LEARNERS You can never know all there is to know about music. It’s a fluid language that is personalized such that there is always more to learn whether students are reading music and playing music, composing music, listening to music, working with music technology, or learning a new instrument.
  • MUSIC ENHANCES TEAMWORK AND LEADERSHIP ALL YEAR LONG bands are made up of small teams that all work together for a common goal. For a band or orchestra to sound great, musicians must work with the others in the entire band and in their section.

Here are the bands that we have or that will be started soon*:

  • Pep Band
  • Symphonic Winds
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Firestorm (Jazz/Show Band)
  • Marching band

*Various bands require auditions

Join band now!

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