Athletics Core Values


We covenant together to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. We love God by following the life and teachings of Jesus as revealed to us through God’s Word by the work of the Spirit. Our response to receiving God’s love is recognizing our privilege to worship and serve. Together, we seek to learn the wisdom and ways of God. Our faith compels us to seek understanding within the scope of orthodox, evangelical Christianity.


We covenant together to live a lifestyle of integrity. We desire to create a safe environment where we can express authentically our identity in Christ and humanity with honesty. We seek purity of thought and action, uniting our theology with the reality of our lives, and as a result we make a difference in our world. As we grow in this identity — with confidence — we covenant together to pass on the best of ourselves to our community, our nation, and our world, leaving a legacy of commitment to the cause of Christ.


We covenant together to love others as we love ourselves. We seek to cultivate this love as we celebrate individual strengths, encourage and challenge one another with truth and grace, and forgive one another when hurt or disappointed. As we seek wholeness and establish boundaries, we will pursue healthy relationships. Humility and respect for others are vital as we commit to seek truth together.


We covenant together to pursue excellence in every area of our lives. We want our words and actions to represent Christ and to express gratitude to God. We are committed to the wise use of our time, money, education and resources as good stewards of God’s gifts and graces. Out of a heart of thankfulness to our Savior, we choose to live well in the strengths and talents he has granted, in order to bring Him deserved glory.

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Our aim is that all faculty, staff and students will actively participate in our community and discover a place of safety, growth and opportunity. As we share life together, we give ourselves to the process of being transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus, making His life in us attractive to the world.

If you are interested in our CORE values extended devotional, please check out our Athletics website.