International Students

We are thrilled that you are considering becoming a part of the Arizona Christian University family. ACU has rigorous academic standards and offers a variety of degree programs, honors courses, internship opportunities and multiple pre-professional tracks, including pre-law and pre-med. ACU is committed not only to the educational advancement of students, but to their spiritual formation as well. We provide our students with an education that prepares them for ministry and professional occupations as they continue to become passionate, sold-out followers of Christ!

International students must meet Arizona Christian University standards for admission as well as United States Homeland Security requirements.

Admissions Requirements for International Students:

  • International Student Certification of Finances
  • English language requirement: Any student for which English is not the original language will be required to demonstrate proficiency. This may be done by transfer of college credits from an English speaking institution or a TOEFL score of at least 500 (paper), 173 (computer) or 61 (internet)
  • Transcripts evaluated from all previous non-U.S. institutions

Application Checklist for International Students:

Application Form:
Complete and submit the application form.

Application Fee: Pay your $30 application fee online by credit card after you complete the online application. If you have a fee waiver you will receive a prompt to enter that code.

SAT/TOEFL Scores: Submit your SAT and TOEFL scores.

Request that secondary school and/or college transcripts be sent. We provide the above form as a courtesy to help you request transcripts. If the transcripts are in a language other than English, the original transcript must be submitted along with a notarized English translation.

Affidavit of Financial Support form:
A financial statement to verify your ability to pay for all educational costs and cost of living. (See ACU’s Tuition and Fees schedule.)

SEVIS Transfer Eligibility Form:
Only for international students transferring from another college or university in the United States. Return completed form to the Registrar’s Office.

  1. The student has been accepted for admission
  2. All tuition, room, board and fees are required to be paid in full prior to arriving on campus. Arrangements are to be made with the Business Office for payment of the outstanding balance owed for the ensuing semester.
    1. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for the payments to ACU as required under this policy prior to arriving on campus.
  3. Generally, payment plans for international students are not accepted. However, there may be extenuating circumstances where the Business Office might agree to a payment plan for an individual student.
    1. Considerations to be given to a payment plan request:
      1. For returning students, payment history for past terms.
      2. Reason for requesting payment plan.
      3. Significant initial down payment for the ensuing term.
    2. Should an international student be unable to abide by the payment terms, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the Business Office as to how their account is rectified.
      1. The Business Office FREEZE process will be imposed on all students that are unable to adhere to the payment terms required.
    1. The Manager of the Business Office has the authority to agree on terms should an international student makes a request for a payment plan. The Manager is also responsible for the adherence to the payment plan as outlined above.
Note: Transcripts must be evaluated by Global Credential Evaluators, Inc. Contact them at

Note: The I-20 is issued one month prior to the start of the semester as long as the following conditions have been met: