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Kyle DiRoberts, Ph.D.

Associate Professor – Department Chair
School of Biblical and Theological Studies

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Degrees and Experience

  • Ph.D. Theological Studies (Dallas Theological Seminary)
  • Th.M., Systematic Theology (Talbot School of Theology)
  • M.Div. Biblical Communications (Phoenix Seminary)

Biography and Professional Achievements

Kyle DiRoberts is Department Chair and Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Arizona Christian University (ACU) in Glendale, Arizona. DiRoberts also serves as the Director of the Minister in Residence and Internship programs at Scottsdale Bible Church, a multisite megachurch in Arizona with over 8,000 in weekly attendance.

Kyle holds a PhD from Dallas Theological Seminary in Theological Studies, a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) in Biblical Communications from Phoenix Seminary and a Master of Theology (Th.M.) in Systematic Theology from TALBOT School of Theology. He is the author of Prayer, Middle Knowledge, and Divine-Human Interaction (Wipf and Stock, 2018), which is a scholarly resource used in seminaries and universities. In addition, he has published articles and books reviews in scholarly journals such as Bibliotheca Sacra and Association of Christian Librarians. His first trade book, The Secret to Prayer (B&H Publishing), is scheduled to be released on August 31, 2021.

Kyle is married to Lolly and the father of Kaden, Oliver, and Caron. In his free time, you will find him with his wife and kids—his favorite people, enjoying Michael Bublé concerts, cooking, traveling, eating good food, and coaching his boys in golf and baseball. For a guilty pleasure, he is a member of the Arizona Horological Society.

Publications and Presentations

  • DiRoberts, Kyle D. Prayer, Middle Knowledge, and Divine-Human Interaction. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2018.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D. The Secret to Prayer: 31 Days to a More Intimate Relationship with God. Nashville: B&H, (Release date: August 31, 2021). 
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Leadership: The Art in Leadership.” SAM Journal Final Issue Win/Spr, (2007).
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “TBT.” Mature Living Magazine(Forthcoming, September 2021). 
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Critical Review of Finding God in the Waves: How I Lost My Faith and Found It Again Through Science.” Association of Christian Librarians 60:2, (2017): 196-99.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “In Support of Ryrie’s Extent of the Atonement: A Sacramental Reading of the Wedding in Cana and the Feeding of the Five Thousand.” Bibliotheca Sacra (Forthcoming).
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of The Unfinished Reformation: What Unites and Divides Catholics and Protestants After 500 Years.” Association of Christian Librarians 60:1 (2017): 124-25.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of A Man Attested by God: The Human Jesus of The Synoptic Gospels.” Association of Christian Librarians 60:1 (2017): 104.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., Glenn R. Kreider. “Review of Luis de Molina: The Life and Theology of the Founder of Middle Knowledge.” Bibliotheca Sacra 175:697 (2018): 126-28.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of The Essentials of Christian Thought: Seeing the World Through the Biblical Story.” Association of Christian Librarians 60:2 (2017): 223.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Turning Points in the History of American Evangelicalism.” Association of Christian Librarians (Forthcoming).
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Confess Your Sins: The Way of Reconciliation.” Association of Christian Librarians 60:2 (2017): 214.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of A Brief History of Sunday: From the New Testament to the New Creation.” Association of Christian Librarians 60:2 (2017): 208.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Enriching Our Vision of Reality: Theology and the Natural Sciences in Dialogue.” Association of Christian Librarians 61:1 (2018): 118-19.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Living Wisely with the Church Fathers.” Association of Christian Librarians 61:2 (2018): 288-89.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Death in Second-Century Christian Thought: The Meaning of Death in Earliest Christianity.” Association of Christian Librarians 61:2 (2018): 277.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Introducing Jesus: A Short Guide to the Gospels History and Message.” Association of Christian Librarians (Forthcoming).
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of The Book of Jeremiah.” Association of Christian Librarians (Forthcoming).
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of The Pentateuch.” Association of Christian Librarians (Forthcoming).
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Forged From Reformation: How Dispensational Thought Advances the Reformed Legacy.” Association of Christian Librarians 61:2 (2018): 283-84.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Matthew: Interpreted by Early Christian Commentators.” Association of Christian Librarians 61:2 (2018): 290-91.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Handbook of Denominations in the United States.” Association of Christian Librarians 62:1 (2019): 56-57.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Holding Faith: A Practical Introduction to Christian Doctrine.” Association of Christian Librarians 62:1 (2019): 59.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Gospel Witness: Evangelism in Word and Deed.” Association of Christian Librarians 62:2 (2019): 148-49.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Knowing Our Faith: A Guide for Believers, Seekers, and Christian Communities.” Association of Christian Librarians 62:2 (2019): 150-51.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Bridging Theory and Practice in Children’s Spirituality.” Association of Christian Librarians 63:2 (2020): 139-40.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of A Practical Primer on Theological Method: Table Manners for Discussion God, His Works, and His Ways.” Association of Christian Librarians 63:2 (2020): 138-39.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Mother to Son: Letters to a Black Boy on Identity and Hope.” Association of Christian Librarians 63:2 (2020): 140.
  • DiRoberts, Kyle D., “Review of Showing: What Pregnancy Tells us About Being Human.” Association of Christian Librarians 63:2 (2020): 141-42.


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