Joseph Kezele, M.D.

Associate Professor Biology

(602) 489-5300
[email protected]


M.D., University of Arizona
B.A., Russian, University of Arizona
Former Fellow, American Academy of Emergency Medicine
Diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine
Pediatric Residency in the Phoenix Hospitals Affiliated Pediatric Program


Dr. Kezele serves as President of the Arizona Origin Science Association, a young-earth Creation Science ministry, and presents on a wide range of topics in the realm of Creation Science. A list of some of his presentations is available at He is also a Logos Research Associate, and has presented in various states. He has participated in 23 foreign mission trips, teaching medicine, standard evangelism and creation science evangelism in India, Zambia, Mexico, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia and Moldova.

Dr. Kezele is one of the principle presenters in the Institute for Creation Research’s 4 DVD series Made in His Image.

Dr. Kezele has had the privilege of participating in a dinosaur dig in Montana and excavated a triceratops horn and the triceratops cervical condyle from which Mark Armitage isolated intact osteocytes in soft tissue.