Music Education

Academic Program

The Music Department maintains a program unique compared to other schools by integrating traditional and contemporary musical training within an intentionally Christian educational environment. Core musicianship training is the same for all majors, and includes theory, history, performance practice, and conducting. Studies specific to Christian music include traditional sacred and contemporary worship genres and musical theater opportunities. Each student focuses on a major instrument or voice through private applied lessons, supervised ensemble work, concert attendance and various venue public performances. Students complete piano proficiency requirements, and present a half-hour junior recital, and a full hour senior recital. Faculty members serve each student personally in this musicianship process, matching temperament and abilities to student goals and aspirations. Along with this musicianship core, each student then acquires knowledge, skills and experience specific to each major.

Arizona Christian University offers degrees in: Music Education- Instrumental, Music Education-Choral, Music Major with Ministry Emphasis, Music Major with Performance Emphasis, Music Major with Praise and Worship Emphasis, and Christian Ministries/Music.

Music Department Admission Application

Piano Experience Questionnaire

Program Objectives

  1. Demonstrate a working knowledge and skills of music theory, history and literature.
  2. Develop ensemble performance skills (specific to performance, education or ministry settings).
  3. Develop proficiency in piano (specific to performance, education or ministry settings).
  4. Develop skills in conducting (specific to choral or instrumental, in educationor ministry settings).
  5. Demonstrate a high level of individual music performance (voice or instrument).
  6. Apply music performance practice, knowledge and skills to a specific career path (Music Education or Music Ministry).
  7. Apply the Word of God personally and professionally as Christian musicians dedicated to Christ.

What can I do with a degree in Music?

The Music Education degrees prepare graduates for careers as professional educators, musicians, and performers. Especially marketable since both vocal and instrumental music education are studied, graduates are uniquely qualified to teach in a variety of areas: public K-12 schools, private Christian schools, in studio settings, church settings, and in community arts programs. In addition, students are amply prepared for further academic work at the graduate level in music.

Department Chair

Meet Ms. Libbie Kent

Associate Professor Libbie Kent is the Chair of the Music Department at Arizona Christian University. Besides overseeing the program, Ms. Kent teaches music theory, conducts instrumental ensembles and works with the praise bands on campus. For the academic year 2005-2006, Ms. Kent conducted Arizona Christian University’s musical productions, Swingtime Cafe and She Loves Me. Ms. Kent taught previously at Grand Canyon University and throughout the Maricopa Community College System. She is active as composer, conductor and performer.

In 2006 Ms. Kent published as editor two volumes of Integrated Music Theory: A Collection of Music Theory Materials, targeted for music theory sequences at colleges such as Arizona Christian University.

Ms. Kent is eternally grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ’s saving grace. She has three grown children, four grandchildren, two dogs, fish, birds, frogs, she gardens, paints and loves to read.