Arizona Christian University’s Glendale campus spans nearly 70 acres and 50,000 square feet of campus building space. The campus has 28 fully functioning classrooms with a total of 4,316 seats. Each classroom is equipped with a computer, camera, microphone, monitors, and projection system to allow for a variety of multimedia presentations to enhance learning. In response to the COVID pandemic of 2020, 18 classrooms were set up for synchromodal learning, allowing for students to be physically or virtually present for classroom activities, including collaborative engagement.



The ACU Library offers a 35,000-sq.-ft. building with plenty of natural light, an information commons that houses 28 computers for student use with a book scanner and a multifunction copier, multiple study areas zoned for individual and collaborative study with a variety of seating options, four group study rooms, a media viewing room, and one classroom that can be split into two or three rooms.

The Academic Center for Excellence, a tutoring center with a writing center, resides in the library’s east wing and offers drop-in and appointment-based tutoring and academic success coaching.

At the end of 2022-2023, the library owned 55,456 titles (including physical items and electronic titles) and had access to an estimated 267,767 eBooks, 11,000 full-text electronic serials, and 64 online databases. Off-campus access to the library’s electronic resources is facilitated by a proxy server using ACU Google/Gmail credentials. In addition to its physical and electronic resources, the library offers an interlibrary loan service to the university community.

For more information about the ACU Library or to connect with a librarian, please visit the ACU Library webpage.



ACU has state-of-the-art laboratories for its chemistry and biology programs.  Each lab contains 24 workstations.  Each lab is equipped with safety features such as fume hoods, eye wash stations, emergency showers, fire extinguishers, and ventilation systems to ensure the well-being of researchers and students. Strict protocols for handling hazardous materials and waste disposal are also in place.  The Lab facilities include multimedia systems and demonstration stations to support effective teaching and learning.


Music and Communcation

The Music and Communication building at ACU serves as the central hub for the school’s music and communication programs. Within its walls, four project studios cater to music and video production needs. Moreover, it houses an expansive recording studio tailored for larger-scale projects, boasting a comprehensive array of microphones, preamps, audio interfaces, and music software. The facility also features designated practice rooms, band rehearsal spaces, recording suites, a piano lab, a video recording stage, and the recently renovated Don & Mary King Performing Arts Auditorium. Together, these amenities create a dynamic and bustling environment where students engage in a variety of musical activities and receive instruction at the highest standard.


Counseling Center

ACU is pleased to offer free mental health counseling services to all students, staff, and faculty in an on-campus counseling center. This counseling center also serves as a pre-practicum and practicum site for students in relevant degree programs. Students completing practicum are supervised by licensed faculty members and utilize a closed and HIPAA compliant computer system to view sessions. For more information or to schedule a session, please visit the Counseling Services webpage.


Event Center

The Event Center functions as the home court for the ACU men’s and women’s basketball teams, in addition to women’s acrobatics and tumbling. It serves as the venue for the school’s twice weekly chapel services which include performances by praise and worship bands. Additional spaces on campus used for performances include the atrium of the administration building and the outdoor pavilion in the center of campus.


Athletic Venues

The size of ACU’s new campus affords plenty of space for athletic competition venues. ACU installed a state-of-the-art artificial turf football field, multi-purpose soccer and football field, and softball field on the west side of campus during 2020/21 and is currently in the process of installing a men’s baseball field and a competition soccer field.


Firestorm Recreation Center

ACU purchased an adjacent YMCA during the summer of 2021. This new facility, now called the Firestorm Recreation Center (FRC) has more space for athletic teams, intramurals, fitness facilities available to all students, faculty and staff, a gymnasium, swimming pool and multiple coaches offices, locker rooms and team rooms. For hours of operation and additional information about the FRC, visit the Campus Recreation webpage.

For more information about ACU’s Glendale campus and its surrounding area, visit here.

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