Financial Aid Disbursements

Financial Aid Disbursements to Your Student Account

The type of aid you accepted affects when your aid will be posted to your student account.

Most Federal Aid funds are posted to your student account to the term/semester awarded after the add/drop period for that term/semester.


Grants and Student Loans

Generally, your grant or loan money in at least two payments called disbursements. 

Arizona Christian University will post your grant or loan money at least once per term (semester or payment period) per award year.

If your term (semester or payment period) is a single term for the award year, your loans are required to be disbursed into two disbursements for that term.

Note: If you’re a parent taking out a Direct PLUS Loan the loan funds will be disbursed according to the same type of schedule.

The following may apply if you haven’t taken out a federal student loan before:

  • If you’re a first-year undergraduate student and a first-time borrower, you may have to wait 30 days after the first day of your enrollment period (semester or payment period) before your school is allowed to give you your loan money. 
  • If you’re a first-time borrower of a Direct Subsidized Loan or a Direct Unsubsidized Loan, you must complete entrance counseling before your school can give you your loan money.
  • If you are a graduate student taking out a Direct Grad PLUS Loan for the first time, you must complete entrance counseling before you receive your first loan disbursement. 
  • Note: Counseling isn’t required if you’re a parent taking out a Direct PLUS Loan to help pay for your child’s education.



If you’re going to have a work-study job, you’ll be paid at least once a month.


Institutional or Outside Financial Aid

Institutional aid will be posted to your student account on a term or semester basis as awarded.

Outside financial aid sources aid will be posted to your student account as we receive the funds from the source. The funds will be split into Fall/Spring disbursement unless otherwise indicated on the scholarship documentation. 

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