In record numbers, ACU students embraced the 2nd Annual Sanctity of Life Week.  Each day featured a unique activity or focus, bringing depth and deeper meaning to an issue the media and most universities overlook or misrepresent.

When asked about the origin of Sanctity of Life Week, Campus Pastor Travis Turner stated, “the faculty, staff and the students have a lot of great ideas.  I am in a position to promote those ideas.  So, we decided to do launch a full week last year with a march to the Capital.  I’m just promoting what God has put in their (faculty, staff and students’) hearts.”

Campus Pastor Travis Turner continued, “Life begins at conception . . . it’s valuable and it’s eternal. A pro-life position is an essential component of a Biblical Worldview.”

Featured events for the 2023 Sanctity of Life Week included:

  • Tuesday – Sanctity of Life Fair where students were introduced to Voices of the Voiceless (run by ACU alumnus Josiah Freedman) and 7 other pro-life organizations.
  • Wednesday – Service Project: “Coloring for Kids”
  • Thursday – Prayer Walk to a designated abortion site
  • Thursday & Friday – Live Stage Courtroom Drama: “The Extraordinary Case of Kelpaz versus Moder” a play written and produced by staff member Leeann Moe and performed in King Auditorium.