Meet John, the newest “face” in our #FirestormFaces series

John is a Junior at ACU and is majoring in Biblical Studies. In addition to his studies, John can be found helping with check-in and setup for Chapel, in the library diving deep into Greek study, serving his peers by leading Bible studies, and volunteering with the youth at his church.

John chose to come to ACU because of the mission of the University. After learning about how we are devoted to transforming culture with truth, he knew this was where he was meant to be.

John has a huge heart for youth ministry and one of his long-term goals is to serve in the mission field. He loves learning different languages and wants to use his passion for Greek to serve others! John is known for his selfless servant’s heart, and for always being willing to step up and lead.

“I’ve really felt the pull towards missions, and ACU has been able to equip me for that. I would love to try to translate the Bible into a different language,” John said. “I’m really grateful for the time that I’ve gotten to spend in Greek class learning to translate…and the different international students I’ve gotten to meet. It’s great to try to figure out how to explain things and learn their language and articulate God’s word to them.”