October is “Christian Higher Education Month,” and we are proud to be one of the few Universities to offer a scripturally faithful, Christ-centered, biblically integrated education to our students. In many ways, ACU’s mission and approach are unique, even in Christian higher education. For example…

  • Every ACU student is required to take 18 credits of Biblical Studies classes, and will graduate with a Biblical Studies minor regardless of their field of study;
  • Arizona Christian University is the only accredited, evangelical Christian university or college in Arizona where all trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and students declare they are followers of Jesus Christ;
  • Students attended Chapel every Tuesday and Thursday, which gives students a space to pray and worship with the Firestorm Family and receive relevant, accurate biblical teaching from experts in their fields;
  • ACU’s innovative CORE humanities curriculum reclaims the liberal arts for the Christian tradition, and allows students to study and reflect on the great ideas, events, art, music, and literature of history from within the biblical worldview;
  • Students complete at least two service projects every semester, which develops relationships and provides them the opportunity to invest in the community outside of campus and serve others.

These are just some of the ways in which ACU stands out in the area of Christian Higher Education. So this month we celebrate and reflect on the importance of standing firm for biblical principles in the Academy, and reaffirm our commitment to do so for as long as God allows this institution to exist.