Student Spotlight: Kaitlyn Hudson - Arizona Christian University

Kaitlyn chose to come to ACU because of the people. After attending a mock audition for the Music Department and meeting several professors, she knew this was where God was calling her to attend.

During her time at ACU, the Lord has provided Kaitlyn deep friendships that have really helped her to learn and grow.

“ACU has helped me to ‘get out of myself’ a lot more,’ Kaitlyn says. “Before, my family was the focus of my life, and I didn’t have many friends who were able to disciple me and encourage me along my path. Coming here was a little scary at first–the first question somebody asked me was “How is your heart doing?” and it really caught me off guard because no one had ever really asked me that. It really opened me up and helped me to be more open and honest!”

Since that early encounter, Kaitlyn has been inspired to use her gifts for Jesus and to serve Him with her talents. She has the gift of encouragement, and really enjoys making people feel loved, heard, and appreciated for who they are.

When she’s not in class, you can catch Kaitlyn playing piano (her favorite instrument) and singing with her family band! 

For more about Kaitlyn, check out her “Firestorm Faces” profile video below.