ACU’s campus transformation continues to take shape!

For years, many ACU student-athletes have trained and competed at facilities off campus. Our former campus was too small to host most athletic events, but our new and larger Glendale campus offers students not only a state-of-the-art academic learning environment, but the space to build high-quality athletic facilities as well. 

Over the last six months, professional-grade field turf is replacing open space, and more and more ACU athletes are getting the opportunity to train and compete “at home.” 

Our athletics complex continues to come together! The new football field was installed in November, just in time for our nationally ranked team to host our Homecoming game on campus. In addition, our multipurpose soccer/football/practice field is complete, and on Saturday, April 10, 2021 – for the first time in program history – our softball team played a game on their own turf!

The night prior to the inaugural home softball game, faculty, staff, and students gathered to pray over the brand new field and dedicate it to the Lord. Then on Saturday the Firestorm celebrated their seniors as they hosted Ottawa University Arizona.

“The field dedication was something special. I know I’m never going to forget what it was like to pray over our field and I know very few other teams will ever experience something like it. The Holy Spirit was present on that day and I know He will continue to be,” junior Bibiana Acosta said.

We are grateful for the donors, staff and volunteers who are making this campus transformation possible.    

We pray the Lord blesses these fields and all who train and compete on them.