Four recent ACU graduates have taken to heart their calling to transform culture with truth, and are rising to positions of leadership early in their legal careers.

“It’s great to see our graduates take the preparation they received at ACU and excel at top law schools . . . with an eye toward influencing the law as God guides them,” stated Dr. Tracy Munsil, Executive Director of ACU’s Cultural Research Center and former Chair of the Department of Government, History, and Philosophy and pre-law advisor.

ACU’s pre-law program offers a “boutique experience” with professional mentoring from faculty before students apply for law school. Graduates are trained to make arguments aligned with a biblical worldview in a culture that is often hostile to men and women of Christian faith. “Our graduates are difference makers,” stated Dr. Munsil.

These four recent alumni are good examples:

    1. Alanna Ostby (Class of 2018) is attending ASU Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law (3L). Ranked near the top of her class, she just accepted a position as a debt finance associate with Kirkland & Ellis, a prestigious international law firm based in New York. She also plans to serve a clerkship for a federal judge on the Northern District of Texas after her first year at the firm.
    2. Lauren Johnson (Class of 2017) is attending University of Virginia School of Law (2L). For the upcoming summer she has accepted a position as an associate with Wiley Rein LLP in Washington, DC.
    3. Jacob Richards (Class of 2017) is attending Harvard Law School (2L) and has been selected to serve as the Chapter President of the Harvard Federalist Society next year.
    4. Brennan Bowen (Class of 2016) graduated highly ranked from ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, and served with both the Arizona Governor’s and Attorney’s General office during law school. Having passed the bar, he has clerked for an Arizona Supreme Court Justice and is now clerking for a federal district judge in Arizona.

“Having our graduates excel at some of the most recognized law schools in America demonstrates how we’re preparing our graduates to serve and lead at the highest levels in law,” stated Dr. Munsil.