Sidewalk Symphony - Arizona Christian University

Can music emerge from concrete? With the help of ACU’s creative and talented music students, absolutely! 

Sponsored by the City of Glendale’s Performing Arts Partnership Program, ACU piano performance students presented Pedestrian Sounds in the Catlin Court district of downtown Glendale. 

The event featured ACU faculty and music students who performed outdoors as part of this interactive project. “Sound spots,” or colored shapes, were placed on the sidewalk so pedestrians could step on and across them. People were invited to interact with the sound spots, which initiated live musical sounds. As they moved from spot to spot, music emerged, allowing the pedestrians to “compose” musical soundscapes as they walked through beautiful downtown Glendale.

ACU student Savannah Penick stated, “Pedestrian Sounds gave me an opportunity to use the talents God blessed me with. People noticed there was something special about us and would ask questions, opening up a chance to explain who we are and what we stand for. It was a great experience, and I am so excited that I got to be a part of it!”

The improvisational aspect of the event was a fun challenge for the students involved and gave them a chance to experiment with their musical gifts while engaging with the public.  “Watching our students interact with the community and create spontaneous beautiful music was a joy!” noted one ACU professor who also participated. “We are grateful for our students’ God-given talents, and for their hearts to serve and engage our neighbors! What an awesome event!”