ACU Alum Serves Those in Need During Uncertain Times - Arizona Christian University

ACU alumnus Zach Sweat is delivering hope and urgently needed supplies to the elderly and others who are most vulnerable during these uncertain times.  Zach was featured on Fox News, where he shared how his nonprofit organization, Basic Needs Donations, provides food, sanitary supplies, transportation, and necessary services to the elderly and other high-risk individuals.  

The goal of Basic Needs Donations is to connect those who have the passion and resources to serve the elderly with those who have the greatest need. Thousands have joined Mr. Sweat on his mission to protect the vulnerable. 

Mr. Sweat and his wife, Megan, founded this organization on the principle: “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). He explained, “It’s instilling a lot of hope in a lot of people and keeping us connected.” Mr. Sweat said, “it is an honor and a privilege to witness the community uniting in a time of crisis.”  By providing a crucial service during this unprecedented time, Mr. Sweat is transforming culture with the power and truth of the Gospel.

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