A Gathering Place for Our Veterans

In recognition of ACU’s commitment to serving veterans, the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services has recognized ACU as a Veteran Supportive Campus. This recognition comes on the heels of the opening and dedication of ACU’s new Veterans Service Center located in Founders Hall on its new campus in Glendale, Arizona.

The Veteran Supportive Campus designation affirms that ACU is a place that is engaging, serving, and equipping the local veteran community through a variety of programs, including counseling, mentoring, and educational services to Veterans on campus.

President Len Munsil accepted ACU’s designation from Colonel Wanda Wright, Director of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services. He stated, “We are mindful of the historic role that our campus, site of the Thunderbird Air Field, played in equipping thousands of young air cadets to help defeat the Axis Powers during World War II.” He continued, “ACU is honored to accept this designation, as we continue our commitment to support veterans and their families.”

Veterans and their families are discovering the special service offered at ACU’s Veterans Support Center on campus in Glendale, AZ.