Study abroad



Harare, Zimbabwe
June 23 – July 20, 2019
Course: African Democracy, Worldview and Culture: In the Footsteps of David Livingstone (3 credits – elective course)
Program price: $4,195 (Subject to change)
Includes: Housing, meals, airport pickup, excursions, WiFi, laundry facilities

Program Descrption

Through the lens of faith, you’ll learn to understand culture and democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa. You’ll examine individualistic and collectivist cultures, political worldview issues, and see how these nations respond to the matters of faith.

ACU has partnered with EDU Africa, an educational organization based in Southern and East Africa, to
offer a four-week, summer study abroad program called “African Democracy, Worldview & Culture: In the
Footsteps of David Livingstone.” Based in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, the program is faculty-led
and uses a combination of discussion, lectures, field experiences, and personal reflection to introduce
students to the richness and complexities of Sub Saharan Africa.

From the perspective of a Biblical worldview, the program explores African history and a variety of current
political, social, and cultural issues facing Zimbabwe and other African nations. Students will have the
opportunity to interact with a wide variety of local leaders including embassy dignitaries, church leaders,
anthropologists, missionaries and justice advocates to learn about such topics as democracy, Animism,
corruption, injustice, and individualistic versus collectivist cultures. Highlights of the program include field
trips to rural, traditional communities and to spectacular sites such as the great Zimbabwe ruins, Victoria
Falls, and the Zambezi valley, explored 150 years ago by the famous missionary, David Livingstone.