Study abroad


Program Description

When: Program Under Review – Announcements to be made shortly about next Study Abroad Opportunity.
Where: San Lorenzo, Italy

Course: Please see below for a complete list of courses.
Program price: Standard ACU tuition and applicable fees: approx. $12,500 (subject to change)

Includes: Cost of courses, housing, three meals a day, WiFi, laundry facilities, printers, and on campus computers

Program Features

  • Take ACU approved courses in San Lorenzo, Italy
  • Pay standard ACU tuition, which will include room and three meals/day*
  • Participate in evangelism and church planting
  • Field trips to Venice, Aquileia, Florence, and Rome
  • Offered during both Fall and Spring Semesters

*Institutional aid is not available for study abroad. Tuition does not include travel to and from Italy.

Courses Offerings


  • CT 205: Christian Life Formation- Gospel in Cultural Life (1 credit hour)
  • CM 210: Cross-Cultural Missions & Evangelism (3 credit hours)
  • FA 211: Fine Arts (3 credit hours)
  • COM 331: Intercultural Communication (3 credit hours)
  • BIB 329: Acts (3 credit hours)
  • HIS 211: History of Western Thought & Culture I (3 credit hours)
  • CT 340: Contemporary Apologetics (3 credit hours)
  • BIB 224: New Testament Literature & Interpretation (3 credit hours)
  • BIB 334: Gospels (3 credit hours)

All Saints Bible Institute

Saints Bible Institute is an accredited study abroad program based in northeastern Italy, an hour north of Venice. The program is intended for students interested in deepening their Christian faith and understanding Italian life and culture. Their curriculum, offered in intensive one or two-week courses, delves into missions, church planting, Biblical studies, and art history. SBI coursework guides students through Italy’s most famous cities and regional artisans and landmarks.

Saints Bible Institute was founded in 2002 as the educational branch of Saints Equipped to Evangelize, a nonprofit evangelical ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel in Italy. Students join the SEE church planting team for church services and a week of ministry and outreach.