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Arizona Christian University is committed to helping its students find jobs, internships, and other opportunities that will lead to a successful career. To assist in this process, Arizona Christian University has created a “Jobs” board. Students interested in jobs, internships, and other opportunities should check this Jobs Board regularly as it is updated weekly. To access the jobs board, students must be logged into their email and click on the link below:

Employer/Organization Information

Arizona Christian University is pleased to connect various employers and organizations with students for jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and more.

To assist in this process, the Office of Career Services has created the ACU Jobs Board to offer full and part-time opportunities for students and alumni. To submit a job posting or other opportunity, employers and organizations should adhere to the following instructions. Requests not following these instructions will not be posted.

Please send an email to job[email protected] with the following information for EACH opportunity you wish to post in the body of the email (please copy and paste):

  • Job category: Career, Church & Ministry, Summer, Volunteer, Internship (Choose one)
  • Time status: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Seasonal, Summer (Choose one)
  • If for a specific semester: Fall, Spring (Choose one)
  • Title of the position:
  • Name of the company/organization:
  • Location of the job/opportunity: (City, ST)
  • Salary range:
  • Application deadline: (Month Day, Year)
  • Contact first and last name:
  • Contact email address:
  • Website to apply: (if applicable)
  • In addition to the above information, attach a full PDF job description to the email.
    *Job descriptions must be in PDF format or the job will not be posted

Upon submission of the email, the Office of Career Services will post the opportunity to the Jobs Board within 2-5 business days. Opportunities are only viewable for individuals with login credentials. Opportunities will be removed one (1) day after the application deadline. If there is no application deadline the opportunity will be removed after one (1) month.

Note: Arizona Christian University reserves the right to deny job posting requests that conflict or appear to conflict with the University’s mission, vision, core commitments, statement of faith, core values, or other University policies.

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