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What Is Faith?

Faith is a gift from God activated by the power of the Holy Spirit. Faith is the foundation of why we believe as we do. Faith coincides with prayer, belief, and understanding God’s goodness. Faith is important in our relationships and the fabric of our nation....

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Raising Minimum Wage

Across the United States, many states have raised their minimum wage to above ten dollars per hour. Many states have passed ballot initiatives that will increase their minimum wages incrementally over a period of a few years, creeping above ten dollars and slowly...

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Childhood Memory

I have a very distinct childhood memory with my brother Seth, getting stuck under a thorn bush in the small forest behind our house. We were crawling around, pretending to be in the army when we realized we couldn't get out from underneath the thorns. We called for my...

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Let’s Get Political

As a political science student, my peers always react similarly.  First, my choice of a notoriously demanding major perplexes them.  After all, who in her right mind opts for a sleep-deprived, high-pressure, anxiety-ridden semester full of reading, writing, seminars,...

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Family and Faith

Growing up my Dad traveled a lot of my childhood; however he has been the most influential figure in my life in becoming a Christian. Some of my fondest memories as a young child is when my Dad would take my sister Emily and I to the golf course to hit some golf balls...

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