Speakers Bureau

Dr. Paul Kremer

Dr. Paul Kremer

  • Christian Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Charter Schools
  • Human Development
  • Bullying
  • Social/Emotional Intelligence
Tim Reed

Tim Reed

  • Sermons
  • Camps
  • Retreats/Banquets
  • Staff Training
  • Pastor Appreciation
Dr. Andrew Pitts

Dr. Andrew Pitts

  • The New Testament and Christian Origins
  • The Historical Jesus (specifically Luke’s Gospel)
  • Genre criticism
  • The origins of the Christian Scriptures (especially the New Testament including its manuscripts and canonization)
  • Paul – His life, letters, and Theology
  • Greek Language and Linguistics
  • The Socio-Historical Context for the New Testament (Jewish and Greco-Roman)
Dr. Edward Clavell

Dr. Edward Clavell

  • Free Market Economics
  • Preaching in Churches (English/Spanish)
  • Latino issues (Latinos and the local Church; Latinos and The Evangelical Church)
  • Church and Non Profit Organizations – Business Administration
  • Organizational Behavior (Managing People)
  • Economic and Biblical integration
Dr. Linnea Lyding and Laurie Johnson, M.Ed.

Dr. Linnea Lyding and Laurie Johnson, M.Ed.

  • Professional Development Workshops for K-12 and higher education faculty
    • “Delve (into), Discover and Deepen Your Students’ Learning”
    • “Purposeful Planned Movement in the Classroom”
    • “Connect Four For…” (links between background knowledge and new content)


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