A completed Request Form is received. Requests will not be considered complete until all applicable content is sent in by the requester. If a request is submitted without sufficient content, there is no guarantee that the deadline will be met on time. If a specific deadline is needed, a minimum deadline of 2 weeks is required in order to guarantee the deadline be met on time. If a request is submitted with a deadline fewer than 2 weeks, there is no guarantee that the deadline will be met, although most projects will not take up to that length to complete.



Project tasks are distributed to team members. Members of the Advancement Department identify project tasks and assign various responsibilities to team members through our online project management system. Projects may take up to 2-3 weeks to complete based on project load and staffing limitations, however, most projects such as updates to previous projects (same design, new text) can often be completed more quickly.



Edits and revisions are made. A maximum of 3 proofs will be sent via email to allow for any edits and revisions to be made. Any major edits/revisions must be communicated at this time prior to receiving a final proof.



Review and final approval of the project. A final proof will be delivered via email or hard copy to the requester along with an attached Proof Approval form which must be signed and sent back within 48 hours. If there is no contact from the requestor within a 48 hour period, the project will be placed on hold until communication is received and there is no guarantee the deadline will be met.

*Please note: Only minor edits to existing text/copy will be allowed at this time. If major revisions are deemed necessary, the Advancement Department will no longer be responsible to meet the prior deadline, and a new deadline of up to 2 weeks will be applied.



The project is completed. A member of the Advancement Department will notify the requester via email that the request has been completed. Design files and/or receipts will be attached.