Minor in Economic Liberty Politics


ACU’s bachelor of science in Economic Liberty Politics prepares you for significant Christian influence in government, law, and politics. Explore the intersection of faith and politics, while being grounded in the ideas, values, and institutions of the American system of government and politics more generally. Learn to integrate the biblical worldview into a deep understanding of government as you thoughtfully consider and address the political opportunities and challenges facing today’s culture. By integrating faith and scholarship, political science graduates translate their passion for political transformation into significant Christian leadership and influence in their communities, the nation, and the world.

Why Economic Liberty Politics at ACU?

In addition to a faculty to student ratio of 17:1 and a rigorous and biblically-integrated curriculum, ACU’s Economic Liberty Politics program offers several unique advantages.

  • The ACU Political Science curriculum prepares you to transform government and politics with God’s Truth.
  • evelop, formalize, and integrate the biblical worldview into all aspects of government and politics.
  • ACU edigs deeply into the idea of American Exceptionalism and what makes our nation’s history, institutions, political culture and ideas ‒ especially liberty, limited government, the free market and constitutionalism ‒ unique.
  • Throughout the major, you’ll deeply explore the intersection of faith and politics in history, in the contemporary context, and in future careers.
  • The program emphasizes strategic, practical equipping of students for effective citizenship, public-minded service, and positions of influence in politics, law, public policy, and other related areas.

What will I study?

The Economic Liberty Politics program provides a biblical liberal arts foundation with an innovative approach to general studies that reclaims a Christian conception of the Liberal Arts, preparing students to be influential thinkers. Career-related Coursework focus areas will include:

  • American Government, Institutions, and Ideas
  • Faith and Politics
  • Political Thought: Ancient, Contemporary, and American
  • Constitutional Law
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Politics and Media
  • Public Policy
  • International Relations and Foreign Policy
  • Emphases available in Criminal Justice or Healthcare Policy


Department of Government, History and Philosophy

Arizona Christian University
Building 2000
1 W. Firestorm Way
Glendale, AZ 85306

(602) 489-5300

[email protected]

Standalone Minor Courses

Economic Liberty Politics Stand-Alone Minor (18 credits). Choose 18 Credit Hours from the following listed courses. A minimum of 9 credit hours must be 300-level or higher.

CourseCourse NameCredits
ECO 201Principles of Macroeconomics3
POL 309Intellectual Foundations of the Free
POL 315Socialism: Theory and Reality3
POL 410Public Policy and Economic
POL 425Issues in Economic Liberty and Politics3
Choose OnePOL 435 Debating American Liberty
POL 442 American Political Thought
POL 452 American Conservative Thought


At Arizona Christian, we structure our programs to effectively prepare students to transform culture in their workplace. Our checksheets are annual guides that support students along the path toward graduation.

Standalone Minor


Our professors are experts in their respective fields and passionate about the subjects they teach; they challenge, and stretch their students to reach their goals. Students are encouraged to think critically and analyze what they learn in the classroom thoroughly. These are some of the professors you will work closely with:

Tracy Munsil

Associate Professor
Department Chair – Department of Government, History and Philosophy

[email protected]

Dr. Tracy Munsil loves books, the Cold War, America’s founding and her five grandchildren – not necessarily in that order. Munsil chaired the collaborative process to develop the ACU CORE liberal arts curriculum, and teaches Humanities courses as well as political science. She was a full-time lecturer in the ASU School of Politics and Global Studies, and was appointed by Arizona Gov. Ducey to the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments. Her doctorate was her third degree from ASU, after earning both a political science master’s and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. At ASU she met her husband, ACU President Len Munsil. For 14 years she home-educated their eight children.

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